Micro-fiction: Encounter

  Micro-fiction: Encounter

  When Zhou Xinjie, a rich second generation, was holding his new girlfriend and pressing the road, he accidentally found that a migrant worker who was squatting on the side of the road watching the square dance looked like himself.

  When Zhou Xinjie was surprised, his girlfriend also saw the migrant workers squatting on the roadside and asked Zhou Xinjie with a smile: "Hey, is that your big brother?"

  When my girlfriend finished, she burst out laughing.

  People who looked like migrant workers heard the laughter and turned their heads to see Zhou Xinjie. Their eyes looked at each other as if they were looking in a mirror, and they froze.

  As a rich second generation, Zhou Xinjie has always prided himself on being young and handsome. Today, he even bumped into someone who looked like a migrant worker, and he was somewhat resentful. Coupled with his girlfriend's deliberate teasing, he disdained to say to the person who looked like a migrant worker: "Well, I said, when your mother was young, did she work as a waiter in a rich family?"

  The wealthy family is Zhou Xinjie's hotel. On the one hand, he shows his superiority, on the other hand, he belittles the other side. Just as Zhou Xinjie was triumphant, the migrant worker stood up and asked with trepidation, "Do you mean the most luxurious and wealthy family in the city?"

  "Well, yes, yes, yes ..." Zhou Xinjie gloated. People who looked like migrant workers were really not smart, and they even followed their own words.

  "The one on Wenhua Road?" People who look like migrant workers continue to ask.

  "Well, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes ..." Zhou Xinjie became more and more proud.

  "Well, my mom never left the countryside, but when my dad was young, he was in good shape and handsome, where he worked as a security guard ..." The migrant worker-like man said that and roared off.

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