Zhou Wang seven years, a very important time!

  I was interested in the timeline when I read the original novel "Romance of the Gods", so I looked up the important time nodes of people in the history of Encyclopedia, but it was more and more chaotic, and I wanted to ask you for advice.

  According to the book, Zhou Wang desecrated Nuwa for seven years in Zhou Wang, and Di Xin in Zhou Wang for seven years in Ren Huang. It was only at the invitation of Shang Rong, the prime minister, that he went to Nuwa Palace on March 15th.

  Zhou Wang pretends to be arrogant, insisting that Shang Rong give a convincing reason to go forward, so Shang Rong said:

  "Nuwa empress is a goddess in ancient times, and she has a virtue. At that time, Gong Gong's head couldn't touch the surrounding mountains, and the sky fell to the northwest, and the land fell to the southeast. Nu Wa used five-colored stones and refined them to make up the sky, so she made contributions to the people, and Li Shu made a sacrifice to repay it. At present, if we worship this blessed god, it will be healthy at all times, the country will be long, the weather will be favorable, and disasters will disappear. Your Majesty should pay tribute to the true God who protects the country and the people. "

  Zhou Wang felt reasonable after hearing this, so he took a ride with Luan on March 15th the next day. Huang Feihu, king of Wu Cheng, took two classes of civil and military officers, a total of 3,000 fighters and 800 imperial forests, and went to Nuwa Palace to make pilgrimages with great fanfare.

  Where is the Nuwa Palace? Out of the south gate of Chaoge.

  The decoration of Nuwa Palace is gorgeous. Nuwa's image is covered by veil, and Zhou Wang can only make incense through gauze. Suddenly, a gust of wind rolled up the veil, which is very strange, especially in Nuwa Palace.

  At this time, Nu Wa is going to Huoyun Palace to congratulate Fuxi, Yandi and Xuanyuan.

  Zhou Wang intended to return to the DPRK after the fragrance was released. However, a demon wind blew, which seemed to deliberately show Zhou Wang the appearance of Nuwa. It also seemed to be an act of God. On this day, Zhou Wang was doomed to disaster, which indicated that Chengtang was running out of luck. But Zhou Wang is Ren Huang, so where can we see God's will? It just followed the king's heart.

  When the author saw the portrait of Nuwa in Zhou Wang, there was such a sentence written at the back: "When the country will prosper, there will be auspicious; If the country is going to die, there will be evil spirits. " The anticipation has been exhausted.

  It can be seen that it is no accident that Zhou Wang made her debut as a queen for seven years.

  It is no accident that a gust of wind blew up the curtain when Zhou Wang was watching the statue of Nu Wa during the pilgrimages, so that Zhou Wang could see the true face of the statue of Nu Wa.

  And in Zhou Wang for seven years, about a month before Zhou Wang came to Nuwa Palace to smell incense, Wen Zhong, the treasure of the town and country, happened to go to Beihai to rehabilitate the rebellion of Yuan Futong, a 72-way warlord.

  The departure of Master Wen was not accidental in terms of providence.

  When Master Wen left Chaoge, all these things gave treacherous court officials Fei Zhong and You Hun an opportunity to bring disaster to Chaogang.

  Without the above-mentioned series of things, da ji's palace would not have been promoted, and there would not have been a thousand-year-old fox demon in Xuanyuan's grave recruited by Nu Wa, who took the opportunity to suck away the soul of Su Daji, the daughter of Hou Su, Jizhou, and entered da ji to play the court in Zhou Wang, causing chaos in the world, killing loyalists and alienating the people.

  So, when Nu Wa returned to her palace from Huoyun Palace, when she saw Zhou Wang's obscene poem written on the wall, she was furious and wanted to teach Zhou Wang a lesson at once. But it happened that the Shang Dynasty still had 28 years of bad luck, so she could only call out the Three Demons of Xuanyuan Tomb and try her best to make Zhou Wang the king of national subjugation.

  If Chengtang itself has only 28 years of luck left, then the Shang Dynasty will perish if Nuwa doesn't make plans, and the Zhou royal family will definitely replace the world where Chengtang has been in existence for 640 years. Is that Nuwa's honey trap unnecessary? Without da ji's undercover advance, in what way would Zhou Wang's world perish?

  After Di Xin succeeded to the throne from his father Di Yi, he worked in Ren Huang for seven years. The world was in good weather, peaceful and peaceful, but in Zhou Wang for seven years, when the Prime Minister Shang Rong invited him to go down to the Nuwa Palace, it was a disaster for Chengtang. All this was an act of god when mortals didn't know that there were 28 years left in Chengtang.

  Visible, Zhou Wang seven years, this is a 640-year national transportation for Chengtang, a very crucial time node.

  However, when comparing the time in the Romance of the Gods with the time when Zhou Wang and Jiang Ziya were introduced in the encyclopedia, there was a problem again.

  The year of Zhou Wang's birth is uncertain in history, and the number of years he was in power is also uncertain. In The Romance of Gods, Zhou Wang was said to have been Ren Huang for 35 years, and in the encyclopedia, it was said to be 33 years or 30 years or 60 years.

  However, the time when Zhou Wang set himself on fire at the Chaoge Star Tower is 1076 BC in the encyclopedia, and it is only said in the novel that it was thirty-five years in Zhou Wang.

  If we calculate by the time in the encyclopedia, Zhou Wang will die in 1076 BC, then the encyclopedia says that Jiang Ziya's death time is 1016 BC, that is to say, Jiang Ziya died 60 years after Zhou Wang's death, which happened to be the time when Jiang Ziya went down from Kunlun Mountain in his novels, that is, when he was 72 years old, because Jiang Ziya lived for 112 years, and in other words, Jiang Ziya was 72 years old after 60 years.

  If we compare the novel with the historical time node, the more we analyze it, the more we get confused.

  According to the encyclopedia, Jiang Ziya was born in 1128 BC, and Zhou Wang's date of birth is unknown. In 1128 BC, it was the year of Guiyou Water Rooster. Historically, it was said that this year was 20 years in Zhou Wang, which means that Jiang Ziya was born in Zhou Wang for 20 years. At this time, da ji was confused for 13 years, and Jiang Ziya was born.

  According to the analysis of this time, when Jiang Ziya was born 15 years later, Cheng Tang perished. Isn't it that Jiang Ziya helped the Zhou royal family settle down at the age of 15? According to the novel, Jiang Ziya went down the mountain after studying Taoism with the Buddha at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty for 40 years, and spent another 10 years waiting for the appearance of Allah Zhou Wenwang. At the age of 82, he became a grand marshal to take the place of Wu. How can this time be connected?

  The Romance of the Gods was written by Xu Zhonglin, a novelist in the Ming Dynasty. Is his surname Xu or Chen? Some wrote about Xu Zhonglin, and some wrote about Chen Zhonglin. Which one is right?

  Perhaps, reading a novel can't be related to its history, or it will collapse itself. So if Xu Zhonglin is put into the present, if the Romance of the Gods is put into an online novel, is it just an overhead Xian Xia novel?