Tiens Gate God-the indispensable protection of China family

  How many sons does the dragon have, do you know?

  In ancient China myths and legends, the dragon gave birth to nine children, and the nine children didn't become Jackie Chan, each to his own advantage.

  The eldest son imprisons cows and likes music; The second son, yazi, loves killing and fighting; The third son defied the wind, and he had a good risk and good hope in his life; The four sons are fastened, and they shout loudly when they are hit.

  Suān ní, a five-son-in-law, is shaped like a lion, and he likes quietness all his life. Six sons under the hegemony, also known as √√√ (b √√√), like a turtle with teeth, like to carry heavy loads.

  Seven-son armadillo (bì àn) is like a tiger, litigious, with its image on both sides of the prison gate or the official purlin; Eight sons (fù xì), like a dragon, elegant and gentle; Nine sons kiss (ch Ρ w ě n), which is thick and easy to swallow, and becomes a spine-swallowing beast at both ends of the temple ridge, taking it to put out the fire and eliminate the disaster.

  If we say that among the nine sons, the most relevant to us ordinary people may be the five sons we want to focus on today-the sister-in-law.

  Sister-in-law-the most popular mount

  In the texts of ancient books, "suān ní" is also called Jin Xi, Ling Xi and Tien Shi. First seen in "The Legend of Mu Tianzi": "Sister-in-law walks five hundred miles", eating tigers and leopards; Pu Songling wrote, "When I was young, my sister-in-law came and all the images fell.".

  "Sister-in-law" is a lianmian word, which is subordinate to dogs, indicating that it is related to mammals. "Zhen" can be regarded as the provincial word of "Jun", which means superior Excellence; "Er" means male, which means powerful. Sister-in-law doesn't become a dragon, but he is shaped like a lion, full of energy, and intimidates the devil's resentment with a lion's roar.

  However, the sister-in-law is somewhat special. Although she is brave and fierce, it is said that she is calm and quiet. As a Buddhist beast, he often listens to the scriptures in front of Manjusri Bodhisattva and loves the smoke when burning incense. Manjusri Bodhisattva saw his patience and accepted him as a mount.

  Later, a craftsman who opened his eyes saw it and carved the image of Tiens on the incense burner to worship the Buddha. From then on, the image of Tiens appeared more and more on incense burners, and then smoked.

  The sister-in-law who started the journey of protecting the law became more and more clear and became a symbol of Jirui and Buddha nature.

  There are also jade carvings, aromatherapy, paperweights, and even the animals on the eaves and roofs of ancient buildings. You can see the figure of the scorpion.

  This time, Leimenyi took the sister-in-law as the prototype, created Leimenyi Tiens beast doll, and combined the traditional lion culture with the door god culture, which was quite meaningful.

  "Tianshi" is homophonic for "Tianshi", which means Zhong Kui's function of exorcising ghosts and evil spirits. In the old days, people in China often hung portraits of Zhong Kui to ward off evil spirits and disasters. There are many rumors among the people: Blessing the town house is only true to Zhong Kui, so it is called Tianshi.

  The main image of Tiens Lion Doll continues the characteristics of the traditional town house stone lion, and the design of the lion head also retains the elegance of the traditional stone lion as much as possible, and combines the elements of the door god general into one.

  Tiens, who is charming and round in posture, holds a treasure fan of "stabilizing the town" and has a steady atmosphere; Wearing a swallow of golden armor, it is mighty and brave; Home display has the effect of seeking good fortune to avoid evil and exorcising evil spirits, which can be called the most cute "home-keeping beast".

  When designing clothes for Tiens, the designer also had some brains.

  Armor and weapons respect and retain the classical style of traditional costumes, and adopt the color scheme symbolizing dignity-China Red supplemented by glazed yellow and dark black, which makes the atmosphere festive and peaceful.

  The base combines the concept of seal as a feng shui object and is engraved with the words "stabilize the town".

  As the saying goes, "the country is not powerful without printing letters, people are not obvious without printing letters, and things are not smooth without printing letters." Seal is a treasure for one's health and protection. It has been a symbol of power since ancient times, implying identity, rights and status, which can strengthen one's fortune and enhance one's prestige.

  Tiens and beasts ward off evil spirits in town houses.

  In ancient times, it was often used as a squatting animal in front of Buddhist temples and palaces. Tiens lion adheres to virtue and righteousness, and is not angry and arrogant. As a Buddhist beast, Tiens lion pays special attention to cause and effect. People who worship Tiens lion need to be sincere and correct in their words and deeds in order to obtain blessing and grace.

  Tiens is fierce and majestic, but its nature is kind, which can help the house and the owner to enhance their official prestige and masculinity. In practical life, it can also play the role of avoiding evil spirits and resisting evil spirits.

  If you see an unfavorable impact outside the window, such as sharp horns, piercing the heart, rushing to the road, cutting the sky, and moving the earth, you can put Tiens in the window to resolve it.

  In addition, the King of Treasure is also mounted by a white lion with a green mane. Tiens are the mounts of the King of Treasure, and a pair of Tiens are placed in the financial position at home to prevent the owner from leaking money.