Ah, yes, yes, yes, yes, social practice team (feeling youth one)

  Visiting Henan Museum and Feeling Youth (Ⅳ)

  Located in the hinterland of China, Henan is the political, economic and cultural center of ancient China. The rich cultural accumulation for thousands of years has not only established Henan's position as one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation, but also created the Henan Museum, a well-known cultural relic collection hall.

  We made an appointment in advance on the museum applet and arrived at the museum by means of transportation on the day of practice. During the summer vacation, there were many students in the venue. Most of them rented the interpreter that the museum carried with them, and carefully observed the exhibits in the glass cabinet that spanned history with the explanation.

  The students in the team were interested in Wenchuang products, and hesitated for a long time in Jizhang area. Because of the large number of people, we had to transfer to other areas. Soon a large number of Hanfu poured into our sight. Because of the vigorous development of Chinese history and culture, in recent years, more and more young people began to "into the pit" Hanfu, forming a new Hanfu culture.

  People should walk more, see more, understand history and the world when they are young. In our youth, one of us, body or mind, will always be on the road. In fact, before visiting the Henan Provincial Museum, my understanding of the above two sentences was not very deep, only superficial. But when I really saw the cultural relics that had been soaked by time and accumulated the wisdom of the ancient people, my inner shock was indescribable. Seeing with one's own eyes, hearing with one's own ears, and experiencing with one's own hands have a greater influence on one's spiritual world than hearsay. Deep feelings from the heart will leave an indelible impression on a person, and may even affect his world outlook and values. Perhaps this is the significance of college students' practice, looking back at history, opening their eyes to the world, carrying out a spiritual sublimation, self-learning, self-discussion, and getting self-awareness.