The Forbidden City rumors that there is no water for 600 years.

  It is inaccurate to say on the Internet that the Forbidden City has been built for more than 600 years without accumulated water. In fact, records of water accumulation in the Forbidden City can often be found in historical documents. Historically, there have been cases of roof leakage, wall collapse and courtyard water accumulation in the Forbidden City area.

  Di Yajing, an associate professor at the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, made an in-depth study of the history and architecture of the Forbidden City. She pointed out that although the design and construction of the Forbidden City has paid great attention to the drainage system, due to the age of the building and the influence of climate and environment, water accumulation is inevitable.

  According to some records in historical documents, in April of the 11th year of Guangxu (1885), water accumulated in the area from Donghuamen to Xihuamen in the Forbidden City, "ranging from several feet". This shows that in ancient times, the Forbidden City also suffered from a certain degree of water accumulation. However, at that time, people did not fall into despair because of this, but actively took measures to solve the problem, find the blocking point of stagnant water as soon as possible, clean it up, restore the drainage function, and ensure the normal operation of the Forbidden City.

  In fact, the Forbidden City, as an ancient palace, has advanced architectural form and drainage system design, taking into account the climate characteristics of Beijing. However, with the passage of time and environmental changes, the aging and natural weathering of buildings cannot be completely avoided. Therefore, it is not surprising that some water accumulation problems occasionally occur.

  For the Forbidden City, a cultural site with a long history, protection and maintenance is a complex and arduous task. Nowadays, the management department of the Forbidden City has fully considered the problem of drainage system when carrying out repairs and maintenance, and taken measures to strengthen the drainage function to ensure that the Forbidden City can be preserved permanently.

  Generally speaking, the Forbidden City has suffered from water accumulation in its long history, but its architecture and drainage system still reflect the architectural wisdom and technological level of ancient China. Today's managers and protectors of the Forbidden City are also making constant efforts to protect this precious cultural heritage so that people can continue to appreciate the charm of this historical treasure house.