The fate is sealed, is it good or bad?

  Yi Xue Ming Li Tang teacher/book

  Printing stars, divided into positive printing and partial printing, represent different people and things respectively. Six parents, the Chinese and Indian stars represent mothers, elders and nobles; It also represents career and work. Printing is multi-cultural, civilized, and diplomas emphasize feelings. Partial printing is more focused on planning, creativity and technical ability.

  First, we should distinguish between joy and taboo

  In terms of likes and dislikes, the sun is strong. If there is a seal, then printing a star means pressure, depression, lack of self-motivation, and doing things sloppily. On the contrary, if you are in good health, your mind will be much easier. It means that it's lucky to be healthy without a seal. And the weak, if there is no help from the stars, will be more unfavorable to life, not deep fate with the mother, less dependence, weak luck of the nobles and so on.

  Second, avoid printing without printing

  People who avoid printing without printing are also lucky, usually straightforward and frank, and like to express their thoughts and feelings directly. They will not hide their feelings, nor will they show themselves hypocritically. People of this life usually have strong self-confidence and will not be influenced by other people's opinions. Will not rely on others to realize their dreams, have strong execution and belief, so it is easier to succeed.

  Third, like printing without printing

  If the Japanese master is weak and likes printing without printing, then in his career, he is prone to work instability, lack of backers, or lack of help from nobles, and it is difficult to rely on his parents, or his parents help him little, and it is difficult to get help from other elders. He does not have strong learning ability and creativity, and he is generally a migrant worker at the grassroots level. If he is also hard to start a business, he is prone to various difficulties or encounter many challenges on the way, so it will be better to meet with printing.