Henan's "Non-legacy Picture" was launched, and "Rich Family" was found.

  (Reporter Qin Hua) On August 1, "A Picture of Henan's Intangible Heritage" was officially launched. In the form of "one map", the combing, integration, system construction and intelligent association of Henan intangible resources have been realized.

  It is reported that the "Henan Intangible Cultural Heritage Map" was jointly created by Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Baidu and Henan Baidu. Henan is a resource-rich province of intangible cultural heritage in China. At present, our province has established a national, provincial, municipal and county-level intangible cultural heritage list system, with 125 national representative projects and 126 representative inheritors, 1,030 provincial representative projects and 1,147 representative inheritors, 3,311 municipal representative projects and 3,976 representative inheritors.

  By combining with digital technologies such as Baidu artificial intelligence, knowledge map, big data, etc., "One Map of Henan's Intangible Heritage" opens up various platforms such as PC, applet, and WeChat H5, and integrates and associates the intangible heritage information of the whole province, and builds a "digital resource library" of Henan's intangible heritage resources and a centralized exhibition space for exchange and inheritance, showing the basic information of Henan's intangible heritage projects and inheritors, their circulation history, technical inheritance, inheritance pedigree, store information and photos.

  In addition, "A Map of Henan Intangible Heritage" also uses artificial intelligence and big data to retrieve, extract and process Henan Intangible Heritage data, so as to realize the visual presentation of intangible heritage intergenerational inheritance, geographical distribution, benchmarking projects and other related contents, which not only forms a sustainable digital intangible heritage resource, but also innovates and develops the intangible heritage digital all-round related display mode, becoming the leading visual knowledge map of intangible heritage in China.