Aunt Minhang spent more than 4 years to complete the embroidered version of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, with more than 800 characters and 700,000 stitches.

  There are many people who can cross stitch, but not many people have the patience and perseverance to embroider a picture of the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, which is more than 6 meters long.

  Tang Xinqin, who lives in Xinle Xinyuan Community, Meilong Town, is an embroiderer. Although he is over 70 years old, it takes more than four years to embroider this work from morning till night with a stitch.

  Tang Xinqin's 6-meter-long Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival was launched.

  As soon as I entered the door, the cross-stitch work immediately jumped into my eyes: from the magnificent rivers and towering towers to the figures in the boats and cars and the furnishings on the vendors, the prosperity of Bianjing in the Northern Song Dynasty was vividly displayed.

  This long cross-stitch scroll is very similar to that painted with colored pens, but when you look closely, the whole cloth is smooth and smooth, and the stitches are meticulous. Tang Xinqin introduced that there are more than 800 people in the picture, and they have different expressions. In the meantime, there are bridges, pavements, restaurants, houses, towers and other buildings, as well as sedan chairs, vehicles, passenger and cargo ships, trees and flowers, livestock, furniture, food, clothing and so on, which are really vivid.

  It was measured with a tape measure and a scale: this work is 6 meters and 20 centimeters long, 75 centimeters wide and weighs nearly 7 kilograms. It is estimated that it will take about 700,000 stitches to embroider this magnificent work. Tang Xinqin said that she chose 48 threads of different colors and used a variety of stitches.

  Reproduce the prosperity of Bianjing in the Northern Song Dynasty

  The Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival is a national treasure and one of the top ten famous paintings handed down from ancient times in China. Why is Tang Xinqin's craft so good?

  It turned out that Tang Xinqin was ingenious since he was a child, and he was proficient in soles, crochet and weaving. When she was young, she was a famous embroidery artist in Sanlin, Pudong, and was recognized as a "xiunv".

  After retirement, Tang Xinqin fell in love with cross stitch. At first, I only embroidered some small flowers and birds. Later, once, she saw "The Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival" in Xinhua Bookstore, and was immediately attracted. Five years ago, Tang Xinqin began to challenge herself. When she first started to embroider this work, she was completely possessed, embroidering day and night, often with the first ray of sunshine in the morning until the dead of night.

  Tang Xinqin said that cross-stitch seems easy. When two stitches cross, one embroidery grid is completed, but it is very difficult to do. "This is a slow work, which not only takes time, but also tests people's perseverance and perseverance." Tang Xinqin embroiders with special embroidery thread and cross grid cloth, and uses the method of interweaving warp and weft to cross, and controls the special coordinate pattern.

  All kinds of figures and buildings are lifelike.

  "You need to use multi-color lines and keep changing them to complete a small scene. Moreover, due to the rich content of the works, if one stitch and one grid are wrong in the embroidery process, a lot of work will be wasted, "said Tang Xinqin." Therefore, we must be optimistic about the grid. If one line and one grid are wrong, the layering will be different, and the whole picture will be wrong. "

  There are more than 800 people in the picture.

  Tang Xinqin said that the most difficult thing is the eyes and bodies of the characters, which have seven or eight colors, and one stitch and one thread need to be changed. It is the most difficult to hide and take up the thread. I don't know how many broken scissors and embroidery needles she used. "Sometimes my wife's hands are broken and she is bleeding. I feel very distressed. Today, I am proud of my wife who can finish her masterpiece. " Aside, Tang Xinqin's husband also admired his wife's work.

  When it comes to this work, the simple Tang Xinqin said, "I am a little scared when I think about cross-stitch now. I am too tired to embroider in the future." However, my excitement is hard to calm down for a long time. I was asked if I would like to sell this masterpiece of embroidery. I can't bear to part with it, because it costs me too much energy, which can't be measured by money. In the future, pass it on to my daughter. "

  Reporter: Yi Li.

  Correspondent: Zhang Liren.

  Contributed by: Mei Xiaoxuan

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