Poem Zhang Chuanxi: Eight Scenes of Huanxisha Campus

  Winners of the 3rd Changde Original Literature and Art Award:

  Huanxisha Campus Eight Scenes

  Author Zhang Chuanxi

  Linghu Chunxiao

  In spring, the scenery of Linghu Lake is charming, and the high-rise buildings are the most enchanting. Who plays the flute at dawn? Pengzeliu is hanging on all sides, Wuling peach is placed in a garden, and the present is seen in all colors.

  Yun Guan Wen Zhong

  Yun Guan is deep and lonely, and the blue sky is high, and the book mountain is far away from the sea. The faint bell urges the dusk, the rustling wind and rain spend the flowers, and how many lonely shadows accompany the night?

  Liupu Chendu

  The white horse lake is sunny, the flowers are bright, the grass is dark and the grass is green, and the beautiful picture is beautiful. The pair of yinger competed for trees early, and the pair of herons chased the waves lightly, and the garden was full of reading sounds.

  Yingchi song and dance

  Where did Nanyin smell in the past? Yingchi dances and dances in the Spring Festival, and the strings are in a hurry. Dancing sleeves sway at the bottom of the lake, singing and enjoying the people on the shore, and the song of picking ling has disappeared.

  Shuangqiao Buyue

  Let's get drunk and disappear, and walk around the bridge, singing and climbing. As I wish, I will take her beautiful scenery to send boredom, and the soul of poetry will be happy together.

  Snow Ji in the Red Chamber

  The snow in Chu Qing is better than spring, the red dress is clean and dust-free, and the sky is the soul. In this place, this building is famous for this school. Who will accompany you? Coquettish has its own history book theory.

  Shui Xie Qing he

  A school of clear lotus reflects the sun, and the pool pavilion and waterside pavilion are full of gods, half of which are lotus and half lotus. The roots of the jade handle are like jade, and the green plates are layered and exposed as beads. What is the meaning of painstaking care?

  Autumn wind at home base

  Therefore, the Qiufeng Gumu was built. In those days, the anti-Japanese war was loud, and 8,000 soldiers went whoring with Yao. The past will become the past after all, and diplomatic relations remain to be seen, so let Jingshe's ghost move.