Dong Xiaoqiong's prose collection "Growing Smoke" was published.

  Recently, the collection of young writer Dong Xiaoqiong's essays "Growing Smoke" was published by Shanxi Publishing Media Group and Shanxi People's Publishing House. Zhang Ping, vice chairman of the 10th China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and winner of Mao Dun Literature Award, Du Xuewen, chairman of Shanxi Literary Critics Association, former party secretary and chairman of Shanxi Writers Association, and Yan Xuejun, chairman of China Financial Writers Association, member of the National Committee of Chinese Writers Association and a national first-class writer jointly recommended it. The book "Growing Smoke" contains 56 articles with more than 250,000 words. By describing the rural people, rural scenery, rural affairs and rural feelings in northern Shanxi, the book shows the long and unique history and culture of local villages, as well as the material and spiritual changes that took place in the local villages in the process of modernization. The book is divided into two parts. In the first part, the author reproduces the poetic pastoral life in his memory and the sincere and simple emotional exchanges of rural people with beautiful brushwork. In the second part, the author narrates the development and progress of rural areas in the process of reform, and depicts the revitalization picture of people building beautiful countryside in the process of cultural inheritance. Dong Xiaoqiong, born in 1991, is a high-ranking person in Shanxi, and is now a member of Shanxi Writers Association. His works have won many awards in the national literary and artistic creation essay contest. In 2016, he published the novel memories of youth with the passage of years, and wrote film and literature scripts such as Snow Love, Jade Dragon, My Youth Dream, Grassroots nouveau riche and Parents. He has been awarded the honorary title of excellent correspondent in Yanggao County, outstanding individual of young volunteers in Yanggao County, pioneer of "epidemic" in Yanggao County, the most beautiful scholar in Datong City, and "one hundred thousand" in Datong City.The Young Talents Program has the title of "Good Youth in the New Era", the most beautiful volunteer in Datong City, the title of "Young Pioneer in the New Era in Datong City", the honorary title of "Volunteer Model in Datong City", and the young pioneer in revitalizing rural areas in Shanxi Province.

  Editor: Sun Mingyue