Cool in summer, carefree in heart.

  Cool in summer, carefree in heart.

  Best of all, it's cool in summer, and best of all, it's carefree in my heart. In this hot summer, I get a coolness and a freedom. In this way, I am the best person and live my best life. I stop and go in the four seasons. I love warm winter and cool summer, and I love my own good time.

  The coolness of summer, the leisure of time and the joy in my heart are rare and carefree, which can make people forget all the disturbances in the world.

  Bamboo cool bed beside the lotus pond, one pillow is idle and summer is long.

  At noon, after passing through the water, the lotus picking room in the dinghy was rotated.

  -Song and Wang Tongzu, "Summer Jinling Curtain Making is the Thing"

  By the lotus pond, it is best to cool off the heat, and on the bamboo bed, it is so cool and comfortable. In the long summer, when I have nothing to do, the poet lies on the mat and smells the fragrance of lotus, which is more comfortable than the fairy! Aquilaria sinensis curled up. At noon, when I lay down and didn't want to lie down, I rowed a boat, rowed deep into the lotus, picked the lotus and tasted the cool and fresh summer taste!

  Summer is long, and there is no worry or annoyance in my heart. I can always find many ways to cool off the summer.

  Draw a boat and break the crystal plate, and the hibiscus looks just right.

  Believe that there is no place on earth where there is no summer heat, I come to spend the summer and relax.

  -Ming Wang Qin, "Summer Bay II"

  Holding the boat, I sailed slowly into the lotus bushes, disturbing the bright blue lotus leaves, and the delicate lotus flowers were really beautiful! Coming here, there is no summer heat at all. It's really a good place to enjoy the summer and make people intoxicated and don't know the way home! If I can get close to the lotus, I can stay home all day.

  The ancients always had various ways to cope with the summer heat, and time and environment were never controlled by people. But live a good life and move forward happily, no matter what era, you can choose.

  The jade bowl is cold to cool off the summer heat, and the blue gauze kitchen sleeps until noon.

  The warbler's tongue is as loose as knowing, and the unprovoked painting fan flies up.

  After the rain, it is cool at the beginning and water is born. People face lotus flowers, and their distance is similar.

  Seeing that Hongfang is still holding the core, new lotus seeds have been formed in the bushes.

  -Song Yan Shu's "Die Lian Hua Yu Wan Bing Han Xia Qi"

  Put the ice in the jade bowl and enjoy it heartily, which immediately dispels the ruthless summer heat. In the afternoon, I took a nap under the blue gauze cabinet. In the dim light, I heard the singing of warblers like talking, but it alarmed me. It has just rained, and the water is colder. The lotus on the water looks like the charming face of a beautiful woman. Time doesn't stop, the red flower still contains fragrant pistils, but between the lotus leaves, it has already propped up a new lotus, which makes people feel deeply!

  Thick shade, the shore of the water, is a good place to go in summer. When it's hot, find a place to cool off and let go of your beautiful mood.

  On the moss ground, the summer heat disappears, and the trees are shaded and cool at night.

  Light clothes, tulle hats, rattan beds on the flat shore of shallow pools.

  -Tang Bai Juyi's "Chasing the Cool on the Pool"

  The ground is covered with moss and the trees are shaded above. In the evening, I come here to enjoy the cool and feel quiet. Light shoes on my feet, thin clothes and tulle hat, lying on the rattan bed by the shallow pond, enjoying the beautiful scenery at dusk, how carefree! I only feel that the whole world exudes a gentle atmosphere, which makes people addicted. The world is vast, I have my little peach garden, and my happiness is overflowing.

  There is nothing in our hearts, and we may not always have great success and joy in life, but we can put down our beautiful and affectionate feelings in the fine and shining details.

  Light Wan song fan writes fly head, hand makes fragrant bag jasmine ball.

  The waterside pavilion is half-opened, and the curtain is half-rolled, and the boat returns under the shade of green poplar.

  -Qing Qin Xie's Ten Poems on Bamboo Branches in Ronghu Summer (No.6)

  What a comfortable summer it is, writing poems on a fan and playing with a fragrant jasmine ball in your hand. The fragrance is refreshing. The pavilions by the water are enough to kill time, and the curtain is half open and half rolled, so you can see the lake view, which is not boring at all. Sitting in the shade of greenery, watching the returning boat, how leisurely it is, but who are the people on the boat?

  There is nothing to do in the summer, and cooling off the heat has become the first priority. After all, life is the most important thing. Don't forget your initial heart because you are in a hurry.

  The dream of bamboo bed and rattan pillow returns at the beginning, and the furnace is cold to add incense and dust.

  Smoke came out from the bottom of the curtain to the north, and the wind was faintly coming from the south.

  -Qing Xu Yushan's "Twelve Miscellaneous Poems on Summer"

  Taking a nap on the bamboo bed, I woke up gradually. The incense stove was cold. Add some more incense, so I pulled out the ashes first. For a time, the smoke drifted to the bottom of the curtain in the north, and I knew that there was a wind coming from the south, which brought a coolness and made people who had just slept awake for a few minutes.

  It is cool in summer, and contentment is always happy. God will never treat everyone badly. And we can't ask for too much. This is the true meaning of happiness.

  The flowers of Melia azedarach have been blooming for a long time, and the wind is fragrant all over the courtyard.

  Snow lotus root plays a game of chess, where is the emperor in the world?

  -Modern Zheng Guofan's "Summer Words"

  Melia azedarach blooms, and the days are getting longer and longer. Lotus flowers are in bloom, the wind is blowing, and the whole courtyard is filled with delicious aroma. At this time, eating ice and snow lotus root slices and playing chess only feel that the world is peaceful and the world is extremely beautiful. What is there to be dissatisfied with?

  A rain in summer can also bring happiness to people.

  It's hard to be stubborn, but it's easy to get back to things.

  How about the summer heat before the cool breeze comes?

  It's raining for a long time, and the pavilions count the handles.

  The heart is clear, and there is no need for more shade.

  -Qing Chen Zhongping, "When can I stop when it rains?"

  It's so cool to be idle, the cool breeze blows and the heat dissipates. Soon, the noisy rain sounded and hit the slim lotus leaf, but the lotus leaf was more energetic. Rain is also washing my heart, only feeling quiet and transparent, without any dust. The shade has become, don't need too much, the rain is enough to cool off the summer! Listening to the summer rain makes my heart happy!

  How many people are there in the world? And there is only one me in the world, how can I spend this ordinary life? How nice it is to greet every arrival time happily without sorrow.

  The stream rises and the breeze blows, and the moon sets and the stars are all over the sky.

  Several boats cross Pukou, and a flute rises in front of the mountain.

  -Song Luyou's Six Words in Summer

  After the rain, the stream rises, the breeze blows, the moon sets and the stars twinkle all over the sky. Several boats were crossing the water waves, and a cheerful bamboo flute came from the front of the mountain! The person who plays the flute must be a happy person, right? People who hear the flute are also happy!

  The countryside in summer is the coolest. In the countryside, people live a dull life, but it is also full of countless simple pleasures.

  The sunflower fan shakes the wind around the tree, and it is cool in the evening and light in the new bath.

  A stream of water is shaded with green, and people stand on a flat bridge and talk about the moon.

  -Qing Yuan Jinglan, "Summer Village is One"

  Holding a sunflower fan in his hand, he walked slowly around the green trees. The evening is the coolest. I have just bathed, and I'm dressed in light Gebu clothes, and my whole body is light and cool. Walking along the gurgling stream in under the greenwood tree, I met acquaintances and talked on the small bridge. The moon rose, and what they said was about the same. What a big moon today!

  In the evening of summer, the heat receded and people went out for a walk. This is the most leisurely moment of the day. It's really precious.

  The city is hot, but the village market is cool.

  Under the leaves of the window, the fragrance of rice and flowers is around.

  -Song Luyou, "It's very cold in the mountains in June and July"

  The city is still unbearably hot, but the village is cool and pleasant. The green tung leaves brushed the window, bringing coolness, and around the paddy field in the yard, the rice flowers were fragrant. This summer, without the disturbance of summer heat, is full of poetic beauty

  No matter where, whether it is cold or hot, winter or summer, only those who are willing to let go will be more likely to be happy.

  There are flowers in spring, moons in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter.

  Don't worry about your own business, it is a good time on earth.

  -Song Shi Shaotan's "Fifty-five Songs of Ode to the Ancient"

  The best time in the world is that you are willing to discover the beauty of this world and continue to love it. There are hundreds of flowers in spring, a bright moon in autumn, a cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. Don't bother yourself for your own business, every season is the best time! I am deeply impressed.

  There is no sorrow in my heart, but it is cool in summer. What regrets are there? The wind is coming, which makes people feel grateful. The rain has stopped. Go and see the scenery after the rain. With love and wisdom, you will naturally not be afraid of the imperfection of this world, let alone complain. Happiness is actually very simple. Summer is cool and my heart is carefree. I love this world.


  He Yu, a woman who likes poetry, is looking for beautiful details in the four seasons, hoping that time will leave warm memories.