Today's tweet: I wanted to be a pharmacist by virtue of my ability, but I didn't expect the system to make him a charming cook.

  Let's just say, what's it like to fish at work? What do you do to fish? Chasing drama, chasing fans, reading novels, or radio dramas? Or buy buy?

  Slag attack: "I heard that you knelt in front of Yue Lao for three days and three nights just to be with me. What are you daydreaming about? I only like writing in my life."

  Ruan Yu: "? ? ? You think too much. I don't even look at Yuelao Temple. I can't afford to kneel before the God of Wealth. "

  I like the way you don't like me, but you can't dry me!

  "After dressing like a million people, I became popular with the stars by live broadcast".

  [Fake tyrant, real cat, double standard emperor attacking X vest, too many Bking anchors]

  Once SiNa crossed, she became a waste third young master who was hated by many people.

  He wanted to be an excellent pharmacist by his own ability, but the system made him a charming cook.

  Sina: "... OK."

  A cook is a cook, and a cook can be a pharmacist.

  In order to exchange the precious props in the system, Sina cooks and raises cats diligently every day, and makes money live and conscientiously.

  Until one day, someone broke the news that the anchor was the third young master who was hated by everyone in the family.

  Overnight, Sina's hard-earned popularity plummeted.

  Sina nu, his cards on the table, he is not installed.

  It's not just me, third young master.

  I am also the genius pharmacist who makes psychotropic drugs.

  Even your tyrant's mysterious lover is me.

  Are you satisfied, sunspots?

  Sunspots: ... You told me about this background! !

  Since the rescue of a seriously injured and dying little white cat, Sina has thanked the little white cat by kissing and licking it every day, taking advantage of it, only feeling that she is raising the cutest cub in the world.

  Until one day, when he was besieged by villains, the cub suddenly changed into a living person, and he also called out the thunder of the sky and bombarded the audience.

  It is the man who is so considerate to him that he has always had a crush on him!

  Sina turned against on the spot.

  One day later, at the variety show, the young emperor appeared in front of him, showing his hairy ears on his head, putting his fluffy tail straight into his hand and whispering, "Brother, are you sure you don't want me?"

  SiNa reflexively touched two tails and turned hard: "... get out."

  Later, SiNa depend on bigger cubs, let out a whoop of satisfaction of annoyance-

  It's not that he has no principles, it's that furry tail is too easy to touch.

  I Save the World by Food.

  Jiang zhixian, a social animal, has been reincarnated. He has been reincarnated in a world where cooking is supreme but cooking skills are very scarce. His identity is a vicious male match with mediocre talent but very rich in a novel. He doesn't have to work until he retires. Please allow him to be passive!

  Until one day he cooked an omelette with chopped green onion ...

  The chef who ate fried eggs with chopped green onion actually burst into clothes!

  Chef: "Master! What's the name of this dish? How did you do it? No! No! Isn't your talent level F? "

  No, this is just an ordinary fried egg with chopped green onion.

  Anyone can make fried eggs with chopped green onion by adding chopped green onion and egg liquid.

  What kind of misunderstanding do you have about fried eggs with chopped green onion and egg liquid?

  The most important thing is, shouldn't you notice that you are naked now?


  The brain hole comes from several food cartoons, which are not well written and have no logic. It is not recommended to take the brain to read it. If you do, please read the text in a civilized way and call names to rebound.

  Ten covenants on when the cannon fodder master returned to his apprentice to move the knife.

  Ye Shigui became a cannon fodder master who abused his apprentice in the early stage and was stabbed to death by his apprentice in the later stage.

  When an apprentice has not grown up, it is common to be hungry, and it is essential to have a secret book that can make people possessed. When their lives are on the line, they will not only be treated, but also be despised by the high-ranking master.

  The original body is profound, and the surface is bright and windy, but behind the scenes, he is a jealous apprentice, and he can't wait to get rid of the apprentice and then quickly get rid of the vicious cannon fodder. As soon as an apprentice has the ability to fight back, the first thing he does is to seek revenge on his original body.

  Ye Shigui was unlucky, just wearing it a few minutes before the apprentice stabbed the knife.

  Looking at the apprentice who sharpened his knife, Ye Shigui silently asked the system what way to escape.

  The system says: you can use drugs to treat the weak man, but the host has to make him change his mind about you within three months.

  Ye Shigui looked at the disciple who was weak by the system, and his heart was very entangled. It's a bit embarrassing to make an apprentice change his view of himself within three months.

  The system says: you can withdraw the weakness technique, and the host will greatly refuel to survive ~

  Ye Shigui looked at his angry apprentice: ...

  In order to survive, Ye Shigui made up his mind to treat his apprentice well and make him change his view of himself.

  Meng Hexuan was hungry, and Ye Shigui cooked for himself.

  Meng Hexuan was injured and Ye Shigui took care of him day and night.

  Meng Hexuan was stagnant, and Ye Shigui personally put him on the throne.

  At first, Meng Hexuan dismissed this, and even said: If you have the ability, you will kill me, otherwise I will definitely kill you.

  Ye Shigui smiled kindly on his face and actually asked the system coldly in his mind: Can I kill him?

  System: baa oh ~

  Later, Ye Shigui was forced to discuss swordsmanship all night. He said, "It's almost enough."

  Meng Hexuan chuckled at the news and said confidently, "It was agreed at the beginning that if you couldn't kill me, I would definitely kill you."

  Ye Shigui: "..."

  Ye Shigui: System, you are finished.

  The system looked at the two people who wanted to draw their swords, fled in a hurry and said: The host has greatly refueled, see you in three days.

  I'm an old six but I'm always forced to play with a steel gun [e-sports].

  Ruan Yu is a famous old six in the e-sports circle. Suddenly, she wears a true and false young master's article, which means that a good life is a cheap life and a true young master who is not recognized by her biological parents.

  Ruan Yu: It's so complicated. I'm just an old six. I just want to make money!

  Segment 1:

  Fake young master Li Wen: "So what if you are a real young master? Do your parents recognize you?"? You are a laughing stock. Take this hundred thousand dollars and don't appear in front of us again. "

  Ruan Yu: "Oh, it's only 100,000 yuan. You're not doing so well. I'll take the money first. Remember to pay the bill."

  Segment 2:

  Slag attack: "I heard that you knelt in front of Yue Lao for three days and three nights just to be with me. What are you daydreaming about? I only like writing in my life."

  Ruan Yu: "? ? ? You think too much. I don't even look at Yuelao Temple. I can't afford to kneel before the God of Wealth. "

  Segment three:

  Slag attack: "You actually started a live broadcast to play e-sports. If you want to attract my attention in this way, you are a buffoon."

  Yu Yu: "wf? Is there something seriously wrong with your brain? "

  Ruan Yu's live broadcast is very popular. Others show off skills, sounds and hormones, but Ruan Yu shows nothing. He is an old six, and everyone hates him the most! ! !

  I especially like Kabug. He always appears in unexpected places.

  The people in the live broadcast room swear and secretly learn technology. Everyone scolds Lao Liu, and everyone is Lao Liu.

  Ruan Yu: I just like the way you don't like me, but you can't dry me!

  One day, someone set up a game and successfully led Ruan Yu.

  Just when everyone thought they could get revenge, Ruan Yu was forced to show off her skills in front of thousands of people in the live broadcast room and directly won an MVP.

  Worst of all, Ruan Yu made an understatement in the live broadcast room: What made you misunderstand my poor skills?

  The live broadcast room is crazy, and the strongest old six is actually the strongest god of war!

  In this way, Ruan Yu has attracted the attention of the top players in the e-sports circle -W

  At this time, the slag attack also began to regret it.

  Slag attack: "I allow you to stay with me now."

  Ruan Yu: "Eldest brother, are you still putting aside the script? Stay where you are cool. "

  Even the rich parents who denied him came to us.

  Li Fu: "Ayu, you have suffered. Come back."

  Li Mu: "Yuyu, it was our lard that blinded us at the beginning. Can you forgive us?"

  Ruan Yu: "Aunt, don't pander. Who are you?"

  Attack angle:

  Chu Wei, e-sports circle code W, entered the business at the age of 18, reached the top at the age of 21, won the world championship at the age of 22, and then quickly retired from the circle. His life experience became a mystery, his personality was unruly, and his face fascinated all beings.

  Chu Wei saw Ruan Yu's live broadcast by chance, and was tricked by Ruan Yu's Sao operation. In this world, there are finally people who can match him.

  ChuWei first invited:

  W: "Do you want to play in our team?"

  Yu Yu: "occupation? Dogs don't fight. "

  W: "I'll give you 80 million a year."

  Ruan Yu: "Well ... although I like money, money can't buy my freedom."

  W: "500 million a year."

  Ruan Yu: "! ! ! Deal! "


  Ruan Yu held her waist: "You want to buy me out for 500 million yuan ..." The words haven't finished yet.

  Chu Wei dragged him to bed, dumb voice: "Shh, it's all yours, 50 billion a year."

  Reading Guide: 1. Straight baiwan, straight reception.

  2. The attack arrow is very thick.

  3, 1V1, sweet and refreshing.