Jiaodong Folk Custom: Weifang Xiaozhang Bamboo Horse

  Xiaozhang Bamboo Horse is an intangible cultural heritage of Shandong Province.

  Xiaozhang Bamboo Horse is a folk activity held by Ma's family in Xizhaozhang Village, Changyi, Weifang during the Spring Festival. It is a special folk song and dance form that integrates array, drama performance, folk dance and martial arts fighting, and is commonly known as "running bamboo horse". Every Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, villagers will carefully organize and perform.

  Xiao Zhang's bamboo horse shows the marching process of the military commanders of the Yuan Dynasty who were ordered to escort beautiful women to the south to pay tribute, travel in the mountains and play with water in the late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty. The cavalry consists of nine bamboo horses. Four men and four women each rode a horse, which was divided into two teams. Another man rode a yellow fat horse, dressed as an official of the Yuan Dynasty, and put it off as a overseer, which was called the "old horse". At the front of the team, a young man carried a banner of "Ma" as the banner of the cavalry. Then there are the costume warriors of the Wushu team, among whom 4 people throw a horse fork, 2 people roll a horse fork, 2 people play single knife, 2 people dance double knives, 2 people play a kidnapper gun, 2 people play a spear stick, 20 people carry a red tassel on their shoulders, and some people wield Strafe and rope whip. After the martial arts team, there is the cavalry team.

  At the front of the cavalry is a queue commander dressed by stable boy and carrying a whip, which is called "Horse Brand". Followed by four pairs of bamboo horses and an old horse, followed by a soldier carrying the overseer flag embroidered with the word "dragon". Then there are 18 horse-protecting martial arts players carrying wax poles. The whole team, with at least 60 people and at least 100 people, has a strong lineup, neat pace and colorful flags flying, which is very spectacular. The whole bamboo horse performance program is complex, with wonderful acting skills, fighting and singing, and various patterns.

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