Read a poem before going to sleep | A pair of magpies in the spring nest, laughing at the world.

  Daily good poem

  Eternal star

  Last night, I drove away the linen people who sang for death.

  (early) morning

  The news of death came from my hometown.

  How many heroes

  How many horses are exhausted

  How many villains?

  Drink blood wine with human liver.

  But when the wind blows, the water rushes.

  A piece of sky, a piece of land

  An indistinguishable particle

  A pair of magpies in the spring nest

  Laugh at the world


  a flash of lightning

  Through the beating heart

  Dip in one's heart

  Fall on the opposite side that was once occupied by the British.

  On a reef by the sea

  Looking for the stars of the past

  Looking for eternity.


  The universe is fat.

  The world is getting fat

  the best among men

  Brains are fatter than skulls

  Possession is fatter than sexual desire.

  Hormones are bragging.

  People with hormones are synthesizing cowhide.

  The mountain has lost weight.

  The soil is thin

  Master of the moon

  Tears are thin.

  Blood is thin.

  Scholars are publishing papers.

  Businessmen are loading money in sacks.

  Oranges are sunny

  A soul born of a soul is a

  The birth of toad


  The poet groaned in the ravine.



  Make lanterns


  The youngest school person

  Winter vacation homework

  Covered with wooden corridors connecting classrooms and nurseries.

  A tender name

  The wind lit by people hanging lanterns

  Blow to North Street and South Street.

  Blow out one after another

  80 cents red lantern

  Author: Chen Wenbin, pen name: Shu, born in February 1964, a native of Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province, graduated from Hainan University, majoring in agriculture, and is a member of Reading and Sleeping Poetry Society. I loved literature since I was a child, especially poetry and prose. I once published short stories in Oasis.

  Photo: taken by a sleeping poet

  Facing the sea, looking for light with black eyes. The Reading and Sleeping Poetry Society was founded on November 16th, 2015. The mission of the poetry society is to "speak for grassroots poets" and to promote the "poetic spirit", that is, the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, artistic innovation, spiritual pleasure and revelation of survival and life. Now, a collection of poems co-authored by poets has been published, such as Spring Blossoms in Reading Poems, Grass Growing in Reading Poems and Yingying Flying. Poetry friends keep on writing, poetry clubs keep on forging ahead, constantly bring forth new ideas, recommend excellent poems, produce high-quality poetry collections, recite excellent works, and recommend poets' works in various forms, so that more people can read excellent works and appreciate poetry culture. We are on the move!