There is a ghost fox story of Yun Cuixian in Luo Cha.

  Dao Lang's "Sea of Luo Cha" is a hit, and almost everyone is listening to "Sea of Luo Cha" repeatedly, and singing in various ways. "Luo Cha Sea City" is the most important chapter in Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio. Then, even with Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio, it became popular.

  Persuade people to do evil, harm others and harm themselves. Let's reread the Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio by Mr. Pu Songling.

  There are 491 short stories in Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio, including people, ghosts, foxes, demons and immortals. There is a wonderful love, a magical world of foxes and fairies, a woman who attacks feudal ethics, and a woman who pursues the beauty of personality. The content is profound and the theme is meaningful.

  This is different from the monsters in The Journey to the West. Most of them are cannibals, eating the flesh of Tang monks. The fox spirits in the serial are all beautiful women, with gentle temperament, and everyone likes them.

  In China's history, there were people who helped others, and they got what they deserved. It means that no one who helps Zhou Wang to do evil will come to a good end.

  In Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio, there is a ghost fox story in Yun Cuixian. One of them gave bad advice to the wicked and ended up being slaughtered.

  Shanxi Liang Youcai, a small trader, has no wife and no land at home and is single.

  One day, Liang Youcai climbed Mount Tai. When he saw a beautiful woman, he knelt down next to her and made pilgrimages, secretly approaching her. The woman was very disgusted.

  On the way, Liang Youcai met the woman and her mother and learned that the woman's name was Yun Cuixian.

  Mother said that she hoped that Yun Cuixian would find a good son-in-law, not seeking the prince and grandson, but seeking filial piety.

  Hearing this, Liang Youcai tried every means to please her mother and swore by heaven that he was an honest man.

  Yun Cuixian knew that he was a frivolous person and refused in every way, but his mother still married Liang Youcai.

  Shortly after marriage, Liang Youcai often called some scoundrels to drink and gamble. Finally, I stole my wife's dowry to gamble.

  One day, gamblers came to Liang Youcai, met the beautiful Yun Cuixian, and gave him advice: if you sell Yun Cuixian, you can get a lot of money.

  Liang Youcai was moved, and he fell and beat at home. When Yun Cuixian knew his mind, he brought it up and sold himself to a rich family, so he could get some benefits.

  Liang Youcai commissioned Yun Cuixian to sell to a brothel, signed a sales book and took a deposit.

  Yun Cuixian proposed to go back to her mother's house for the last time. When she arrived at Yunjia, she saw the magnificent houses and a group of maids, only to know that her mother-in-law's house was very rich.

  In the face of her mother, Yun Cuixian told the fact that her husband had sold himself, and counted Liang Youcai's mistakes and severely scolded him. Her family beat Liang Youcai up.

  Finally, Liang Youcai went home, and his home was in rags. He developed ulcers and eventually became a beggar, but he carried a knife with him.

  When he saw the man who advised him to sell his wife, he rushed forward and killed him with a knife.

  At the end of the story, the gamblers who gambled with Liang Youcai were the ones who helped others, and were finally stabbed to death.

  Pu Songling said: Persuading a person to do evil is like giving him a piece of rotten meat. You may not feel it at first, but the poison has killed people for a long time.

  Give people bad ideas, and when others react, they will definitely retaliate against you. Didn't you think of that? Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio is about despicable human nature.

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