Nearly 800 "baby"! Free visit! At Hangzhou West Railway Station!

  Hangzhou West Railway Station is famous for its sense of science and technology and modernization.

  But many people don't know,

  There are nearly 800 "treasures" hidden in the station!


  "Two Thousand Years of West Railway Station-Cultural Relics Exhibition of Lijiatang Site"

  On the second floor of Hangzhou West Railway Station.

  Planning the exhibition hall

  The exhibition hall of cultural relics and archaeology is free of charge.

  Tell the passing passengers

  The story of this land thousands of years ago!

  Lijiatang site was discovered on the eve of the construction of Hangzhou West Railway Station. This historical site of about 14,800 square meters lasted from the Warring States Period to the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

  The more important remains are 2 tombs in the Six Dynasties, 1 brick kiln, 11 dry-column building sites in Sui and Tang Dynasties, and 2 tile kilns in Song Dynasty. About 800 specimens were unearthed.

  After the completion of archaeological exploration and excavation, the construction of Hangzhou West Railway Station started with the approval of relevant departments of cultural relics protection in provinces and cities.

  Walking into the cultural relics and archaeology exhibition hall of Hangzhou West Railway Station, the remnants of the first pot of celadon brown sheep in the Eastern Jin Dynasty first came into view. This cultural relic has a history of more than 1,700 years.

  The whole exhibition is dominated by porcelain. There are Deqing Kiln, Yue Kiln and Hongzhou Kiln at the entrance of the kiln. The main shapes are bowls, plates, cans, pots, lamps, etc. A large number of pieces and specimens of daily-use ceramic utensils outline the prosperity and fireworks of Yuhang two thousand years ago.

  From the cultural relics on display, it can be seen that the block where Hangzhou West Railway Station is located has traces of ancestors' activities at least during the Warring States Period. From the Eastern Jin Dynasty to the Southern Dynasties to the Tang and Five Dynasties, it has developed into a prosperous market town settlement with a certain scale, and the urban development context and changes are clearly visible here.

  As one of the few archaeological exhibition halls in high-speed railway station, Hangzhou West Railway Station combines ancient culture with modern high-speed rail, which not only brings cultural relics to life, but also makes more people feel the profound historical and cultural heritage of Yuhang. Don't miss the little friends waiting here!

  Location: northeast of the planning exhibition hall on the second floor of Hangzhou West Railway Station.

  Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (closed every Monday)

  Source: Yuhang released