Poetry wine is in Quancheng

  "Don't miss the old country for the old friend, and try new tea with new fire. Poetry and wine are in love. " Since ancient times, poetry and wine have always collided with a beautiful and warm spark. Recently, two exhibitions with the theme of poetry and wine have been held in Jinan. The 31st National Book Fair just ended on July 31st, and the 16th China (Shandong) International Sugar, Liquor and Food Fair will be held from August 4th to 6th. The two grand events not only boost consumption and stir up the "living water" of the economy, but also reveal the "heroic spirit" and "literary style" of the city.

  The book is overflowing, and it is a cultural feast of "the capital of reading". As a famous historical and cultural city, Jinan has a profound cultural background. Du Fu wrote, "There are many celebrities in Jinan, and there are many pavilions in the sea.": Zhao Mengfu painted "Quehua Autumn Color Map"; Lao She regards this place as her "second hometown" ... In recent years, Jinan has continuously deepened the construction of "scholarly spring city" and accelerated the construction of "the city of reading". The study room of Quancheng, the scholarly subway and the bus of reading are dotted and shuttled through the corners of the city, and the free digital reading applet of "Quanmin Yuedu" allows reading from paper to finger at any time and place. It is a "two-way trip" for the book fair to come to the "reading capital". More than 1,700 publishing, printing and distribution units from all over the country gathered in Jinan, and more than 760,000 kinds of publications together constituted an ocean of books, attracting countless readers to swim in it. Jinan also presented readers with books coupons worth about 15 million yuan through various channels, adding another fire to the enthusiasm of reading in Quancheng. The 5-day book fair also handed over the eye-catching "report card"-the total transaction amount reached 860 million yuan, attracting more than 800,000 readers, and the number of visitors and purchasing power exceeded the expectations of the organizers and exhibitors, and all the data reached a new high.

  The wine is rich, and the spring city in the world "drinks" visitors from all directions. "When you are drunk, look at the sword and dream back to the corner." Xin Qiji, a fellow villager in Jinan, is full of heroic words, which also reflects the "character" of this land and water. Today, there are Jinan "Superman" who climbed more than ten meters high with their bare hands to save the girl trapped by the fire; There are Jinan bus "teachers" who lend a helping hand to passers-by who fall in the stagnant water; There are Jinan's "brothers" who rushed through the red light to deliver sick children to the hospital in time ... The city born of springs seems to have a unique advantage in brewing. At the 16th China (Shandong) International Sugar, Liquor and Food Fair, local leading enterprises such as Baotuquan and Baimaiquan, as well as upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises of alcoholic food, will jointly provide a high-quality and efficient supply-demand docking feast for the participants with more than 800 exhibitors from 14 provinces and cities including Shaanxi, Shanxi, Yibin, Jiangsu Huai 'an, Nanchang, Heilongjiang, Harbin and Jining, Liaocheng, Dezhou and Zaozhuang.

  The exhibition is active and the economic "living water" is surging like a spring. Exhibition industry is an important bridge linking production and consumption, supply and demand, domestic and foreign markets, and an important platform for promoting transactions and cooperation, and promoting industrial transformation, upgrading and progress. On the road of promoting consumption and fighting for economy, exhibition can be described as a key move, and Jinan made sufficient preparations for early planning. Since February 1st, Jinan has resumed its exhibition activities in an all-round way. In the first half of the year, 63 exhibitions were held, including 15 exhibitions over 30,000 square meters and 15 national and international exhibitions. The consumer market is active and the economic development momentum is strong. Not long ago, the "semi-annual report" of Jinan's economy was released, and Jinan's economic operation maintained a trend of "continuous improvement, rising in quantity and quality". The growth rate of major economic indicators was better than that of the whole country, the whole province and the first quarter of this year. Among them, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in the city in the first half of the year was 229.39 billion yuan, up 7.8% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 5.1 percentage points higher than that in the first quarter.

  Reading and writing poems, drinking and talking happily, the talent and pride of Quancheng coexist. To start a business and develop the economy, Jinan is down-to-earth and far-reaching. (Lu Zhen)