Why, good deeds are not rewarded? This historical story makes us understand the truth.

  The sage said, "A well-accumulated family must have Qing Yu, and a poorly-accumulated family must have more disasters." Those who do good will certainly accumulate good deeds for themselves and their children. People who do evil are bound to bury disasters for themselves and their children.

  The sage added: "People are good, although the blessing has not arrived, the disaster is far away;" People are evil, although the disaster has not arrived, the blessing is far away. " Although people do good, the good news has not yet come, but the disaster has gone away; People do evil, although the disaster has not yet come down, but the blessings have been consumed.

  The whole world understands the truth of accumulating good deeds and doing good deeds, but in the end, there are still many evils and few good deeds; There are many evil causes, but few good results. Why is this? Is it because the world has not done good things? Or is it because not enough good things have been done? Neither. That's the crux of the problem. The world's good book, The Four Disciplines of Being Discarded, tells people the key secret of doing good and changing their destiny.

  The world only knows how to do good, but it doesn't know the principle of reward behind good and evil. But there are eight kinds of saying good. Good is true and false, there is a song at the end, there is yin and yang, there is right and wrong, there is bias and righteousness, there is half full, there is big and small, there is difficulty and easy, we should all deeply understand and distinguish, so that we can truly grow our wealth and change our destiny. These eight different kinds of goodness, we will talk about them one after another in the column of "Four Disciplines of Being Discarded".

  This chapter is about to talk about "why do you still have a hard life after doing good?" It is to say that there is a difference between "size" and goodness. How can people who are lucky and miserable cultivate Fu De? A short story to tell you the answer.

  02 "Challenging" Emperor

  During the Song Dynasty, there was an official named Wei Zhongda in the Imperial Academy. He was disliked by officials because of his frivolous words and arrogant personality. But Wei Zhong Da is also happy to be a loner.

  On the occasion of the emperor's birthday, Fujian officials sent a picture of "Three Mountains Celebrating His Birthday", which made the emperor very happy. The emperor saw that the stone bridge and pavilion connecting the peaks in the painting were very poetic in the whole picture, so he wanted to visit the local area.

  The emperor asked the officials, "This' Three Mountains Happy Birthday Map' does have its merits? The crowning touch in the picture, does the stone bridge pavilion connecting the three mountains really exist? "

  The official replied: "The Three Mountains belong to Fujian Province, and they do exist. The local scenery is also beautiful, but the stone bridge and the ornamental pavilion are artistic creations artificially added by the painter."

  "It's a pity, it's not perfect without the stone bridge pavilion connecting the three mountains."

  Hearing the emperor's wishes, the officials immediately asked the emperor to contribute to the construction of the stone bridges in these three mountains.

  The emperor was very happy and cheered again and again, and also granted this request.

  Wei Zhongda is just a small official in Hanlin, and he usually has nothing to do with court matters. But when I heard that the emperor was going to build a stone bridge on that steep mountain just because of a picture sent by Fujian officials, I got angry.

  The imperial court's large-scale construction consumes money and labor. Besides, the three mountains are steep, and the construction on them will definitely cause countless people to lose their lives, and the people will be resentful and dissatisfied with the imperial court. Such behavior is not only harmful to the life and health of local people, but also to the stability of the court! He repeatedly wrote to the court to ask the emperor to withdraw the construction order.

  But how can he interfere with the affairs between the second-class officials and the emperor, who is not even called the eighth-class level? So although I wrote to you again and again, I didn't respond at all. However, his personality was really twisted, and he still refused to give up. Later, when the emperor got bored, he directly scolded him for meddling with dogs and mice.

  When Wei Zhong Da saw that the emperor had spoken, he knew that he was hopeless to change the emperor's will, and he was depressed. He asked for leave to go to the suburbs for fun, but he never thought that this fun had attracted his soul to be hooked by hell.

  03 Suburb Encounter

  Wei Zhongda, who was visiting the suburbs, arrived at night and found an inn to stay. When staying at the hotel, Wei Zhongda, who has always been frivolous, found that the owner was actually a very beautiful widow and young woman, and his mood was ups and downs.

  Wei Zhongda checked into the inn, but he couldn't get any hair because he was depressed. He couldn't sleep in bed, so he just went downstairs to relax.

  When he went downstairs, he found that it was so late, and the beautiful proprietress had not slept yet, and a person was sitting in the vestibule to settle accounts. The proprietress saw Wei Zhongda go downstairs, smiled at him now, and went back to the patio. When she left, she frequently returned to see Wei Zhongda.

  This made Wei Zhong Da want to get up, and he followed the wife of shop-owner and went back to the hall. When Wei Zhong Da walked into the kitchens, he found that he had already lost sight of the wife of shop-owner. Suddenly, everything around me disappeared, and everything I saw was dark. When Wei Zhong Da took a closer look, he was brought to the judge by two vagaries!

  04 hell trial

  Wei Zhongda, who came to the underworld, did not show timidity and stood quietly in front of the judge, waiting for the judge to speak.

  The presiding judge asked the documents around him to present two kinds of books recording Wei Zhongda's good deeds and evil deeds in the dead. After a batch of booklets were sent to the presiding officer, I found that there were so many bamboo slips that recorded evil things that they filled the whole courtyard. And a roll of bamboo slips for doing good is only as small as chopsticks.

  The presiding officer looked at Wei Zhong Da, and ordered the deployment to put these books of good and evil on the scales. As a result, after the two books of good and evil were put on the scales respectively, the books of Wei Zhong Da's evil deeds piled up in the courtyard were lighter, while the books of Wei Zhong Da's good deeds were heavier like chopsticks.

  How much is good and evil

  Zhong Da said, "How many sins can you get away with when you are under forty?" He said, "If you don't think correctly, you won't be guilty." -"The Four Disciplines"

  When Wei Zhongda saw this booklet that recorded the good and evil between the dead, he was very puzzled and asked, "I am less than forty years old, why have I done so many evil things!" ?”

  The judge replied: "evil thoughts start from the heart and evil deeds come from thoughts." As long as one thought is not correct, it is already evil, and it is not necessary to wait until it is actually done. "

  Wei Zhongda asked again, "What is recorded in that good book? Why is the book with small chopsticks heavier than the book piled up in the courtyard?"

  06 size of good and evil

  Therefore, if you aim at the country in the world, the goodness is small and big; If you are in one body, it is more and less. -"The Four Disciplines"