Wonderful Encounter of "Intangible Heritage" in Hunan and Xinjiang with "Embroidery" as the Media

  Master Mao Shan teaches students the skills of Xiang embroidery.

  Red Net News August 3rd (Reporter Pan Jin correspondent Xiong Wen Yi Shichao) Exquisite and fine stitches, lifelike tigers, flowers and birds with different faces ... Recently, a group of post-00 college students from Changsha Vocational College of Business and Tourism entered Hunan Shaping Xiangxiu Museum and were deeply attracted by the exquisite Xiangxiu works in front of them.

  "I come from Mulei, Xinjiang, and I am the inheritor of Kazakh embroidery. I am very happy to have the opportunity to come to Shaping, the hometown of Hunan embroidery, to learn from the masters of industrial and artistic industries." Adiba of Class 2231 of Mobile Commerce in Changsha Vocational College of Commerce and Tourism was deeply attracted by the beauty of Xiang embroidery.

  During the discussion and exchange, Xinjiang and Hunan had a wonderful encounter with "embroidery" as the medium. Teachers, students and museum staff had detailed communication on the historical inheritance, needlework skills, cultural and creative development, exchange and mutual learning of embroidery.

  "The exquisiteness of Xiang embroidery is in sharp contrast with the ruggedness of Xinjiang embroidery, and it also profoundly reflects the differences of historical customs between the two places. The collision of the two kinds of embroidery can stimulate more creative inspiration and is also of positive significance to the cultural exchanges between Xinxiang and Xinjiang." Mao Shan Kan Kan, deputy director of Hunan Shaping Xiang Embroidery Museum and representative inheritor of Xiang Embroidery, said that to help the cultural heritage "warm up", on the one hand, we should encourage more young people to participate in the inheritance team, on the other hand, we should actively explore the integration of intangible elements into the cultural tourism industry, especially to strengthen the online communication ability of intangible products.

  "We can rely on e-commerce and other majors to explore the online communication of intangible culture by establishing a community of integration of production and education." The relevant responsible teacher of Hunan Business School said that the college will carry out multi-angle, multi-faceted and in-depth pragmatic cooperation in combination with the reality of Hunan and Xinjiang, so that students can grow their talents in innovation and entrepreneurship and empower the cultural and economic development of the two places.

  In recent years, Changsha Vocational College of Business and Tourism has set up elective courses, held innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, organized expert lectures, etc., so that students can protect, inherit and make good use of excellent cultural heritage on the basis of profound understanding of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture with the help of young people.