What is Tao? "Tao" is everything, it can make you successful in official career.

  What is Tao? I think Tao is everything. If you can understand "Tao", it can make you successful in official career. "Tao" is not a thing, but a law. It is the running track or track of everything, and it is also the law of everything's change. "Tao" is a law that everyone needs to master. If you can master this law, you will get the Tao.

  It's not just the characters in the novel who become immortals. In real life, people who get the Tao will get success, happiness, wealth and what they want, so each of us should learn and understand this law.

  Everything in the world, as well as non-things, happen to coincide and follow something without exception. This kind of thing is the foundation of change, which is immortal, invisible, without image, without beginning or end, and all-encompassing. It is nothing more than the big, nothing more than the small, and it has changed over and over again, and its beginning is unknown. Therefore, the strong name of "Lao Zi" is: "

  "Tao" is not a word, but an eternal law. Everything in the world is changing. Only when "Tao" is unchanged, people who can see the essence and law can completely control the overall situation and control their own destiny and the destiny of others.