No matter how good the relationship is, don't expose your cards.

  As the saying goes: "Everyone only speaks three words, but you can't throw it all at all of my heart." The human heart is like the sea, unfathomable; The heart is like a needle, and the needle hits the nail. The most unpredictable thing in this world is the human heart. Some people seem to be "honest and open", but in fact they are really "sinister", specializing in stabbing people in the back.

  It's hard to draw a dragon and a tiger, but it's hard to draw a bone. It's hard to know what kind of person is standing opposite and smiling. Even familiar people should be a little wary and have a degree in everything. There is no need to harm others, and there is no need to prevent others.

  Excessive frankness, exposing all the cards, will not only make the other party feel at a loss, but also may subject themselves to others. The relationship between people, once it involves interests, it is difficult to remain pure. Without privacy, it is likely to be accurately attacked by others.

  No matter how good the relationship is, don't talk about your weakness. Human nature cannot stand the test. A bad one may hurt each other's feelings, may lure others into the abyss, and may be stabbed in the back by others. Sometimes, people treat you well and respect you because they don't know you.

  Once he understands your weakness and holds your capital, he will not be kind to you, but show the most unbearable, true and cruel side. Knowing your weakness means knowing your scruples, and you can use your scruples to threaten, hold and use you.

  A truly mature person will not gamble on the kindness of the other party, but will keep his "secret" and not give the other party a chance to "reveal his true colors". The evil of human nature never knows when it will break out. In the face of interests, intimate relationships will sometimes fall apart and go their separate ways.

  If the other person is a villain, a hypocrite, and a person who is full of interests, then the weakness you expose to him is likely to become his "chip" to hurt you. People are the best at camouflage, don't just see his good looks. There will still be shadows under the sun.

  When there is a conflict of interests and the interests are small, they may live in peace. When the benefits are large enough, people will become greedy and vicious. People who have been reasonable will also become unscrupulous. Getting along with others and leaving some "privacy space" for yourself is the best protection for yourself.

  Don't expose your scars to others at will. There are no people in this world who don't hurt themselves, and they never know the pain. Sometimes, a scar is a thorn buried deep in your heart, and you never want to mention it. Opening the scar will make the pain hurt you again.

  Everyone wants to gain the respect of others with dignity and vigor, instead of letting others expose the scars again and again, see them clearly, show the unbearable, uncomfortable, wronged and humble in public, and let others point fingers and make irresponsible remarks.

  Everything is bitter, only self-crossing. Telling people about your scars will not make the pain less, but will be known to others because of the scars. When you live in harmony, you may get along well with each other. In the event of an argument, the injury will become a sharp weapon for them to attack you, leaving you with no escape.

  Self-disclosure of scars can not be pulled into the relationship with the other party, but will become a bomb buried by the other party and hurt you at a certain time. Scar is a painful memory and a secret to hide. Only by keeping your secret can you avoid getting into an embarrassing situation.

  As the old saying goes, "poverty is not asked in downtown, but wealth has distant relatives in the mountains." It is human nature to hate the poor and love the rich, and there are many people who wish you well. It is often not strangers who envy you, but people close to you. Comparison and jealousy can make people dehumanize.

  The more you show off your wealth, the easier it is to be resented and resented, and the easier it is to be cheated behind your back. When people are poor, they are easy to be laughed at, and when people are rich, they are easy to be remembered. You don't know whether people who miss you are just slandering you behind your back or stabbing you directly behind your back.

  Wealth is not exposed, which is the best protection for wealth. Money is not everything, but you can't do anything without it. People are also the most sensitive when it comes to money. Whether you are poor or rich, don't reveal your wealth to others, which is the protection of your life.

  The card is the secret hidden in the heart. Not being exposed can increase the sense of security. Exposing all the cards is like walking in the street without clothes, and you may be hurt by others at any time. Only when you have a card can you have an advantage, and others dare not run amok in mystery.