Keming Teahouse: There are many small surprises hidden in this tiny day.

  A "different" little surprise in summer

  Summer is a season full of vigor and vitality, and it is also a season full of surprises and fun. In this season, we often encounter some small surprises, which make us feel that life is full of fun. Warm and tender, a little surprise in summer, just like a breeze coming unexpectedly.



  Where I work, our director often brings us some peaches and plums from our own fruit trees, so that we can taste fresh and sweet fruits. Sometimes she will invite us to play ball games, so that we can relax after work. Whenever I am obsessed with online shopping, she can always wake me up in one sentence, telling me the right thing, the wrong thing and what to do. Having her here makes every day at work happier.


  "timely rain"

  My director is a very caring and caring person. She can always give us help and support at critical moments, and often brings us some small surprises and fun. Besides, she will share some work experience in her daily work and guide us to learn and grow. It is because of such an excellent leader as her that she can feel more warmth and happiness at work.

  Even when I was on the night shift, my director didn't forget to bring us some small surprises. Sometimes she will put two small pears on her own fruit tree under the computer desk. Although the pears are not big, the flesh is very sweet. In fact, the sweetest thing is in our hearts, because our director has given us a full heart. Although it is only a little care and warmth, it can make people feel infinitely gratified and moved, just because it is a surprise from our director.


  "gourmet feast"

  My other surprise came from my little friend. Once, because I heard that I had never eaten Schizonepeta, she got up early the next day and came to her garden to pinch a bag of Schizonepeta for me. She also told me that it was a perfect match to put Schizonepeta in instant noodles, and the taste of Schizonepeta would be brought to the extreme.

  Yesterday, there was also a small surprise. The factory handled particularly delicious butterfly noodles. My colleague called me to store more bags together, called my colleague in the warehouse and asked her to help me buy some bags. My colleague readily agreed, and went home from work to look at the colorful butterfly noodles, and I was as happy as this butterfly noodles.

  The last little surprise came from my mother-in-law-every time I go home, I will pinch some Toona sinensis buds, season me with salt and send them to my hand to relieve my hunger. Although it is only a simple and ordinary food combination, it contains deep affection and love.

  All in all, in this finely divided day, there are many small surprises hidden; In this beautiful and wonderful feast, which is full of sunshine and vitality, colorful and sweet and delicious, surrounded by warmth and care, and intertwined with smiles and happiness, the past will be engraved in people's hearts forever-that is the most precious and unforgettable memory left by the summer of 2023! (Suiping Keming Zone II Packaging Wang Jianping)

  Editor: Gao Yimei