"Women should be diligent." The mother-in-law called her daughter-in-law to work. Son: You should call me, not her.

  In "Double-sided Tape", about who does housework, Hu Lijuan said such a sentence, voicing Li Yaping's mother: "Also, your mother ordered me to feel avenged like a bought girl. How can it be as painful to ask you to work as to ask her to die?"

  When they see their daughter-in-law working, some parents-in-law take it for granted that it is her duty. When they see their son working, they feel that their son has been wronged and feel very uncomfortable, just because people's hearts are long and their children hurt.

  Li Yaping's mother's positioning of her daughter-in-law Hu Lijuan is just like the sentence that Teacher Tu Lei said: "For most mother-in-law, the daughter-in-law you bring home is just an outsider who helps you reproduce."

  In-laws who treat their daughter-in-law as an outsider and constantly boss her daughter-in-law while caring for her son, women will feel very wronged and will pin their hopes on men to solve the problem. At this time, men have two choices. One is to listen to their parents and ignore their wives' demands like Li Yaping, and the other is to act as a lubricant for the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

  If you choose Li Yaping's method, your marriage will lose its former happiness and slide into the abyss step by step.

  Liu Liu, the screenwriter of Double-sided Adhesive, once said: "In the trivial life of chicken feathers, what women care most about is often not how to resolve the contradiction itself, but whether the husband stands behind him in the process of resolving the contradiction."

  If you choose the second option, take the initiative to reconcile the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, your wife will be angry with her mother-in-law, and she will also ease the relationship with her mother-in-law for your sake.

  01. My wish is to live with my son's family and share family happiness.

  During the National Day, it coincided with Aunt Zhou's 52nd birthday. My son and his family returned to their hometown to celebrate Aunt Zhou's birthday.

  While chatting, Aunt Zhou told my mother, "I want to take this opportunity to fulfill my long-cherished wish, that is, to move to my son's house, live with him and enjoy family happiness."

  It turned out that when Aunt Zhou's son got married four years ago, the daughter-in-law asked for a bride price of 50,000 yuan, and asked for a house in the city, and asked for a small family to be independent, that is, she would not live with her in-laws until they were healthy and could take care of themselves. Hearing this request, Aunt Zhou felt angry.

  As a good wife and mother, Aunt Zhou's in-laws were carefully served by Aunt Zhou when she was alive. Therefore, in the eyes of Aunt Zhou, the daughter-in-law's request is extremely excessive and unfilial, which is unacceptable.

  "At that time, I strongly disagreed and persuaded my son to look for it again. My son didn't do it, saying that this request was not too much. Most girls didn't want to live with their in-laws, and said that he didn't marry her. If I were not afraid of falling out with my son, I would never agree to let such a girl who is not sensible be my daughter-in-law. "

  Although Aunt Zhou gave way and temporarily gave her son a space of her own, she never gave up and planned to take this opportunity to make a request.

  02. As long as I call my daughter-in-law to work, my son will rob me. This boy has married his daughter-in-law and forgotten his mother.

  What Aunt Zhou didn't expect was that due to the "lack" of her constraints, her daughter-in-law became more and more "lazy" and her son became a crazy wife.

  "Women should be diligent and take the initiative to do housework, otherwise, others will call you lazy." Not long after the daughter-in-law got home, Aunt Zhou began to call her daughter-in-law to work and stuffed her apron into her hand many times.

  "Jade, how is your cooking? Today's lunch is yours, let mom see your cooking. "

  Aunt Zhou's son grabbed the apron and took the mother's words: "Mom, you should call me, not her, let her cook, so don't toss my stomach and say I took it." Honey, you cut the vegetables and I'll burn them. "

  Seeing that her son was about to get into the kitchen, Aunt Zhou was anxious and took her son: "You are a big man, what are you cooking?" Your wife won't, it doesn't matter, mom just teaches her. "

  "Don't don't don't, you still teach me! She really doesn't have that talent. "

  In the end, Aunt Zhou and her daughter-in-law were both invited out of the kitchen by their sons, and Aunt Zhou felt very uncomfortable when she saw her busy son in the kitchen.

  The next day, Aunt Zhou knocked on the door outside early in the morning and saw her son and daughter-in-law open the door. Aunt Zhou told her daughter-in-law while letting her son continue to sleep in the cage: "Xiaoli, it's going to be winter soon. Mom wants to wash and dry the quilts and down jackets at home while the weather is ok. I am old, my waist is not good, I can't move it, so please help my mother! "

  "Said earlier! Mom, I'm strong. I'll do it. Honey, your stomach is uncomfortable and you can't touch cold water. Just sleep for a while and I'll wash it. "

  Next, as long as Aunt Zhou calls her daughter-in-law to do housework, her son will run out and grab the job, so that Aunt Zhou will keep complaining about her son: "I just want you to live comfortably before I call your daughter-in-law to work. Why don't you understand my painstaking efforts?"

  03. My son's words completely dispelled the idea of living with them;

  On October 6, my son's family was preparing to return home, and Aunt Zhou's idea of living in her son's house became more firm: "Under my nose, she didn't work, so lazy. If I don't follow the past, wouldn't my son have to earn money to support his family and work?" No, I didn't raise my son to be a slave for her. "

  Hearing his mother's request to move to his home again, Aunt Zhou's son sighed and had a good heart talk with his mother.

  "Mom, do you know why I work hard and don't let my wife work hard? Just to let you retreat, don't think about embarrassing my wife. "

  "I was born to you, see me work, you love dearly, don't, my wife is not born to my parents? If my parents-in-law know that my wife is being used as a free nanny by you, they will definitely turn against us. "

  "These days, you don't give her a good face, she is not happy, look on my face said nothing. Just now, she asked me to give you more money to spend. If I don't protect her and bully her like you do, she won't give me face, and it will be a good thing if she doesn't leave her face behind and run back to her family. Mom, do you want me to get a divorce? "

  "Who does housework and how to do it is our young couple's business, so don't intervene and live your life with peace of mind!"

  My son has already told Aunt Zhou, not to mention his daughter-in-law. He doesn't even welcome Aunt Zhou to live at home. In desperation, Aunt Zhou vomited that her son had married his daughter-in-law and forgotten his mother, while giving up her plan to live with her son.

  04. In marriage, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not a problem whenever a man is willing to take the initiative.

  Between sons and daughters-in-law, it is common for parents to favor sons and be harsh on daughters-in-law. After all, it is natural for parents to love their sons and love them, but few people can do it.

  When parents adopt a double-standard attitude towards you and your daughter-in-law, men must take the initiative if they want to stabilize their marriage and prevent the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law from washing away your marriage. In marriage, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not a problem whenever a man is willing to take the initiative.

  You take the initiative to defend your daughter-in-law. Your mother can't help your daughter-in-law without your most powerful support. Your daughter-in-law will feel satisfied when she gets a sense of security. For the sake of a man's face, she will not care about her mother-in-law. After all, people who love you are willing to treat your parents well for you just to make you happy.

  Chen Daoming, a national first-class actor, said a golden saying about managing marriage: "When you put down your face and treat your wife well, it means that you have become a real man;" When you give your wife enough face, you have succeeded; When your wife will give you face at any time, it means that you are already a character. "

  A man wants his wife to give you face, not by coercion, but by practical actions, so that his wife thinks that you deserve her face and a step back.

  Today's topic: What do you think is the key to resolving the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? Welcome to share your opinions in the comments section.