Love rat betrayed me? Then kick it out! I control my own happiness!

  Thinking about a month ago, Fang Shaohua also asked him affectionately if he would marry him. I just went to the downtown area below for a follow-up interview for more than 20 days. Today, I thought of giving him a surprise, but I didn't expect that I received a big "surprise" first. It's just that I'm surprised and I have to congratulate others. Tian Mo thought for a moment, turned back to the private room, told several people that he was in a hurry, lost money to Yunyan, and came out with his own things. She doesn't want to do anything now, just want to ask Fang Shaohua why. Walking to the housekeeping department, Tian Mo asked the front desk, "What room is General Fang in? They talked to me about taking a wedding dress. " Most people in the catering department know themselves because they often go to eat. Tian Mo took a gamble when he never came to the housekeeping department. "Miss." The waiter paused and smiled sweetly: "Do you want to call General Fang before you go?" "No, the phone was just about ready." Tian Mo smiled and said, "You just need to tell me which room they are in." "Room 1608." After the waiter finished, he looked at Tian Mo's back, who left in a hurry, and said to himself strangely, "Mr. Fang is really resolute in his work. He just announced his engagement and made an appointment to take a wedding photo." She neglected that it was already evening. In a blink of an eye, someone came to check in, and the waiter was busy receiving people, so he forgot what happened just now. Tian Mo rushed into the elevator in a few steps, and his mood was always raised with the elevator.Make a scene or knock on the door and smile at the two men and say, I'm sorry, you keep busy. Either call Fang Shaohua out, give him a slap in the face and turn around and go. A few minutes later, Tian Mo stood at the door of Room 1608. Staring at the "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging on the doorknob, her angry eyes slowly dimmed. Taking out her mobile phone from her pocket, Tian Mo thought of sending a message to Fang Shaohua, but hesitated for a moment, but she still put her mobile phone back in her pocket. In her heart, she wants to say goodbye to this first love for the last time, and then turn around and leave. But when she was about to leave, the door opened and Fang Shaohua took Miss Yang by the waist and came out. The three men met each other in this way. Miss Yang leans on Fang Shaohua lazily, and her charming face is full of moist spring scenery. And Fang Shaohua handsome face with a spoiled smile, but also full of tenderness for her to send out a few strands of stroking outside the collar. Looking at a pair of handsome men and beautiful women in front of him, Tian Mo only felt that his heart was as painful as being stabbed. Fang Shaohua's action also stagnated after seeing Tian Mo. His flustered expression flashed by and he said, "It's reporter Tian, how did you come here?" "Shao Hua." Miss Yang asked softly, "Do you know each other?" Fang Shaohua glanced at Tian Mo and smiled at Miss Yang affectionately: "It's my college classmate and now I'm a reporter." He turned to Tian Mo and said, "This is my fiancee, Yang Lianrong." Tian Mo has adjusted his mentality when he spoke in Fang Shaohua. Isn't it that he was dumped by people? It's not that the sky is falling down. Why should he make himself more humiliated? "Mr. Fang, Miss Yang, what a good couple!" Tian Moyi smiled and said, "I congratulate you both in advance!" "Tian Mo." Fang Shaohua looked at Tian Mo and called out her name. Just about to say something, Miss Yang beat her to it and said, "Thank you for your blessing. I wonder what Miss Tian is doing here? " "I'm looking for my friend." Tian Mo smiled at the two of them: "It seems that I live here." As soon as she finished speaking, the door of 1607 opposite opened. Tian Mo turned around and saw a young man standing at the door. He smiled and said, "Dear, you are in this room. I almost went to the wrong room." And she ran over and hugged the man's arm. The man around him has a stiff body, and his arm seems to be thinking about getting rid of himself. But Tian Mo couldn't let him goof himself. He held his hands tighter, but turned to Fang Shaohua and said, "Go ahead. Goodbye! " Fang Shaohua silently looked at Tian Mo and the man who was holding her arm, thinking about what to say, but Miss Yang said, "Shaohua, let's go, didn't you say we were going to have a snack?" "Tian Mo." Fang Shaohua didn't start, but frowned and said, "You'd better go home early. A girl's family will be worried if she doesn't come home late at night." Don't let me have a boyfriend if you have a fiancee?Tian Mo lamented Fang Shaohua in his heart, but his face was smiling like a flower: "Mr. Fang, I forgot to give you a suggestion. I don't like the ordinary condoms in your hotel very much. Can you ask the front desk to help us deliver a dozen Durex sex condoms?" Square ShaoHua eyes with inquiry and doubt, Tian Mo a cruel, weigh in hand quickly kissed the man on the face, and then make a amorous look at the man. Out of the corner of his eye, he looked at Fang Shaohua's face turned black and left with Miss Yang. Tian Mo's flying face collapsed immediately. She was about to let go of the strange man's arm, only to see that Fang Shaohua turned to this side. Her heart jumped and she couldn't help but quickly turn around and put her head on his shoulder. Thinking of Fang Shaohua can't see here, Tian Mo's tears suddenly fell down. The more she thought about it, the more wronged she became, and the tears flowed out like water that burst its banks. The man who was hugged by Tian Mo jumped up when he was pulled. If he hadn't always laid hands on women, Tian Mo would have been thrown away. Later, when I saw Tian Mo's monologue singing brilliantly, I felt cramped in my heart. He never allowed women to get close to him, so he froze and let her do whatever she wanted. At this time, I saw that the two people who were snuggling together had disappeared. He slowly said, "Miss, people have already left. Are you sure you still need to hold me?" "Ah." Hearing this, Tian Mo let go of the man and took a step back. She was just thinking of saying a few words to the man.Only to see the ambiguous eyes of another young man in the room flowing around him and the man around him. She couldn't help cursing: "Rogue!" The man's cold voice in his ear said, "Miss, do you thank your benefactor with such words?" Tian Mo originally thought of thanking the man. After listening to this, he was annoyed when he looked at himself with an inquiring eye. He wiped his eyes and said coldly, "Men have no good things!" Say that finish a jilt hair ran to the elevator. Tian Mo's figure has disappeared in the elevator, and Li Yunfei is still standing there. "Boss, are you still in a daze?" Yang Yi in the room jokingly said: "People have already left, so there is no need to look after them so affectionately." Growing up in a compound with Li Yunfei and being his follower since childhood, Yang Yi won't be afraid of Li Yunfei like other colleagues. Besides, his pentathlon can really serve him intimately. Every time he goes out, Li Yunfei is used to taking him with him.