Can girls really be kissed until their legs are soft?

  Lead: I'm a girl, and I had a boyfriend before. When I read a novel, I can always see that my girlfriend was kissed by her boyfriend and her legs were soft, but I have never experienced it? Can girls really be kissed until their legs are soft? Why didn't I? Is my leg too hard?

  Whoops ~ The first kiss was taken away by the river. My boyfriend kissed me gently, and then immediately parted. At that time, my brain was a little stupid, and my legs were soft, so I sat on the table next to the railing. I really didn't have the strength.

  Then he asked me what was wrong. I said my legs were weak, so he said to pick me up and put his hands on his shoulders, but he didn't have the strength to lean on him. He hugged me tightly ...

  I said, "Don't ~" God, I feel my voice has become charming. It's not normal ... Then he kissed me two or three times, which was too much. He always took advantage of me.


  Yes. If you send me back to the dormitory at night, of course, you will stay in a dark place for a few minutes before going upstairs! You have to hug ~ hug and your heart will slowly start to beat faster.

  My head only reaches his chest, so I hear the heartbeat very loudly. I'm so nervous, too. I feel a little shaky. Then there is the embarrassing and subtle eye contact of honey. Can you imagine that two people look at each other, then stop looking at their lips, quietly take it back and continue looking, and then unconsciously swallow saliva and lick their lips?

  Really nervous. I have a hunch that I will kiss, but I am still waiting for each other first. Forget who made the first move and who spoke first. Anyway, when I realized it, I kissed it. Laugh.


  When I fell in love with my first love, the first few kisses were like being drunk, my eyes were hard to open, my legs were weak, and I completely collapsed in his arms. I was unable to speak and just wanted to sleep. He felt stupid and cute, thinking that I was sleepy with my eyes closed for too long, hahahahahaha. I felt embarrassed, and then I asked my sisters around me that I had never done this. I thought I was sick.

  I went to a private cinema with my boyfriend before, but I simply kissed him. Later, when I went there for the second time, I also kissed him in the middle. Maybe he was not satisfied and a little embarrassed …

  So when I was ready to go out after the movie, I was pushed into the corner … that was a jerk! Boy, innocent little girl who has seen this battle, really kissed for a long time, and especially hard! What a limp leg! Blush.


  When I kissed my girlfriend for the first time, her teeth were clenched. I thought she didn't want to kiss me. Later, I learned that she didn't know that she should stick out her tongue when kissing. She only kissed lightly with her lips. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, how can there be such a "stupid" person!

  Under my repeated "training", she gradually learned a lot of knowledge. But even if she knows more, no matter how high the position is, as long as I stick out my tongue when kissing, she will be soft as a pool of mud, and she needs my hand to hold her, so that she can stand firm. Sometimes after kissing, she can't walk for a while, so I need to hug her and pinch her leg. How soft is this leg?