The best way to make women feel emotional about you is not to take the initiative, but to attract them with these three "ways"

  Text: Flowers bloom and bloom

  Miss you like a flower, miss you like a tide.

  To say what is the most complicated thing in the world, I believe that the first impression of many men is women.

  In their minds, they would rather face anything alone than take the initiative to please a complicated woman.

  When I met the one I loved the most, I obviously had paid all for her, and I was deeply moved by myself. On the other hand, she looked indifferent.

  And another man, who only knew her for a few days, did not see what he paid, and the person he loved most turned and threw himself into his arms.

  Unknown so was left alone in the corner with a river of sadness.

  In fact, many men fall into a misunderstanding when pursuing women, thinking that as long as they are single-minded and good to her, she will fall in love with herself. In fact, this is a wrong idea.

  If you want a woman to be emotional for you, the best way is not to take the initiative, but to attract with these three "ways".

  1. Show your strong personality charm.

  Generally speaking, a man's personality charm is the most important quality to attract women.

  And showing women their personality charm in time can make women deeply impressed by themselves.

  Whether a person's personality charm is strong or not can be well seen from his usual social state with the people around him.

  If a person's popularity is very good, no matter what he does, he is in a state of crowding round, which is enough to show that his personality charm must be unique.

  The same is true for communicating with women. Men with strong personality charm can inadvertently attract women's attention and get their attention.

  Therefore, showing your personality charm in front of a woman will make her deeply infatuated with you, thus moving her feelings.

  2. Show your talents in chatting.

  Men all know that chatting is an essential part in order to further sublimate their relationship with women. However, when many men chat with women, they usually talk with each other without nutrition.

  It must be an inevitable event for women to ignore you after such a long time.

  Smart men never talk to women about worthless things, because if they talk for a long time, they will easily become speechless. They will pay attention to this and show their talents and advantages when women chat.

  Using these talents and advantages to attract this woman is to make them fall in love with themselves faster.

  3. Show your strong confidence.

  Perhaps it is forced by life nowadays. When communicating with women, many men always show a feeling of unconfidence.

  However, as women, they hope that their partner can't lose self-confidence at any time. After all, as the head of the family in the future, all the pressures and burdens will fall on him. If he lacks self-confidence, it means that he has no dependence.

  Therefore, women don't like men who have no confidence.

  Therefore, this requires men not to show a timid attitude when communicating with women, but to show their strong self-confidence and use this self-confidence to attract women.

  Conclusion: Smart men never need to take the initiative to pursue women. They will use these three ways to attract women and make them emotional.