The unique phenomenon in the relationship between husband and wife;

  The unique phenomenon in the relationship between husband and wife;

  1. In the life of husband and wife, one person lacks sexual desire, while the other person needs sexual life more frequently.

  2. Between husband and wife, one person likes nagging, while the other person is more reticent.

  3. In family life, one person is generous, while the other person is stingy.

  Strangely, the smarter the wife is, the more stupid the husband seems to be.

  5. The more capable the husband is, the lazier the wife seems to be.

  6. The more a wife likes to do everything, the more selfish and incompetent her husband is.

  7. The more a wife cares about her husband, the worse her temper seems to be; The more a husband cares about his wife, the less he seems to have a temper.

  8. The wife always feels that she doesn't have enough clothes, while the husband always feels that his clothes can't be worn.

  9. In the eyes of his wife, housework can never be finished; In the husband's eyes, there seems to be nothing to do at home.

  10. The wife goes to bed at night than her husband in the morning, but falls asleep later than her husband.

  11. The wife always reminds her husband to wait for her outside, but the husband always goes out to wait for his wife first.

  12. The husband whose wife is favored is even less mature and responsible; The wife who is favored by her husband is more gentle and responsible.

  13. When the wife is strong, the husband may be at a loss; But when the husband is strong, the wife often becomes spoiled and lovely.

  14. Strangely, the higher the wife's income, the more indifferent the family relationship; The higher the husband's income, the more harmonious the family relationship! # Miscellaneous talk about married life # # The mystery of marriage # # The truth about the happiness of husband and wife #