The Shadow of Emotional Neglect in Childhood: Three Common Misunderstandings and How to Overcome them

  The profound influence of childhood emotional neglect

  Everyone may have some memories of being neglected in childhood, whether it is parents' indifferent eyes or the loss of outstanding achievements without praise. These seemingly insignificant things may leave deep traces in people's lives.

  Unconscious harm

  Childhood emotional neglect is an invisible injury, sometimes even more terrible than conscious injury. Many parents may feel that they have done their best, but they ignore that emotion is also an indispensable demand for children's growth.

  Three common misunderstandings

  1. Feel different: Children who are emotionally neglected in childhood may feel different from others and unable to understand and express their emotional needs.

  2. Worried that emotions will bring burdens to others: These children may suppress their emotions and worry about bringing burdens to others, thus hindering in-depth interpersonal relationships.

  3. Suppress themselves and become "no desire, no demand": Because they think it is bad to have emotional needs, they may suppress their own needs and even feel guilty about their own needs.

  How to overcome it

  Despite the far-reaching influence of childhood emotional neglect, we can learn to identify and meet our emotional needs. Here are some ways:

  Understand the value of emotions: there is no difference between good and bad emotions, and every emotion has its meaning and logic.

  Learn to manage emotions: Our emotions may be very strong, but we have the ability to manage them well.

  Cherish emotion: Emotion is a part of our identity, which is precious, meaningful and helpful.

  Childhood emotional neglect may leave indelible marks in one's life. However, by understanding and accepting our emotions, we can learn to overcome these challenges and become stronger and better people. We are all a collection of memories and feelings, please cherish those feelings that will accompany you for life.