The old man was dissatisfied that his granddaughter was only close to his grandmother. Son: You didn't take her for a day, so you are satisfied if you can support the elderly.

  Have you ever met an old man who is dissatisfied and always complains that his children and grandchildren are not good enough for him?

  It is often said that the contented are always happy. Desire is endless. There are too many good things in the world. If you want them all, you will always have troubles, always feel dissatisfied and unhappy.

  As Bai Yansong said in Bai Shuo: "In the past, when we were hungry, we all understood happiness in this way, and then we ran all the way to satiety. Finally, one day most people are full, or not so hungry, but they find that your desire is stronger and you want more things. So it's troublesome not to be hungry. "

  Take the relationship between family members as an example. You have brought up your children and done your duty as parents. As children, it is a matter of course and obligation for them to honor you.

  However, filial piety does not mean obedience to parents, regardless of their actual ability to meet their unreasonable demands, not always asking their spouses to sacrifice their own interests to fulfill their filial piety.

  When a man reaches middle age, his children not only have parents, but also have their own small families. He is not only your children, but also someone else's husband (wife) and father (mother). He should not only fulfill his obligations as a child, but also fulfill his responsibilities as a husband (wife) and parents, otherwise, he will hardly be happy.

  Therefore, parents always don't know how to be satisfied, and always make unreasonable demands on their children or their spouses, which not only adds burden to your children, but also adds to their own difficulties.

  Aunt Sun doesn't understand the truth that the contented always have fun, which has caused her son Mr. Wu a lot of trouble.

  01. She won't let me have grandchildren. Why should I work my ass off to bring her a maid?

  Aunt Sun and her daughter-in-law have not had a good relationship for a long time. She always complains that her daughter-in-law is not filial, and can count many "crimes" that her daughter-in-law is not filial.

  First of all, the daughter-in-law taught her son badly, abandoned her parents for her, left her hometown, and went to a different place to work hard, and did not let her parents go, which caused their family to become two.

  Secondly, the daughter-in-law didn't live up to expectations, even if she gave birth to a daughter, she refused to have a second child regardless of the feelings of the old man and the heavy responsibility of the Lao Wu family to carry on the family line.

  Then, the daughter-in-law has always hated herself for refusing to bring her granddaughter. She didn't want the old couple to move in, but let her mother live there all the time.

  Also, the daughter-in-law has a big temper. She only goes back to her hometown twice a year and quarrels with her about housework.

  After listening to Aunt Sun's complaint against his wife, Mr. Wu felt speechless. He thought that the sharp contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was mainly because Aunt Sun preferred sons to daughters, refused to bring her granddaughter, and urged them to have another one all day long.

  "We are ordinary families, can we afford so many children? Besides, who can guarantee that another child will be a son? Even a son, when he grows up, he has to marry a wife and buy a house for a bride price. Can we afford it? Also, if my son is married, there is no guarantee that I can have grandchildren! "

  However, no matter how reasonable Mr. Wu was, he broke his mouth and invited relatives to persuade him, to no avail. Aunt Sun still blamed the problem on her daughter-in-law: "She won't let me have grandchildren, so why should I work hard to bring her a maid?" She doesn't have a mother, let her take it, I won't do it! "

  In desperation, Mr. Wu had to go to his mother-in-law. Fortunately, the widowed mother-in-law was distressed by her daughter and liked her clever and sensible granddaughter. She agreed to help them take care of the baby and let her go out to work.

  02. I'm your own mother. Why can my own mother live in your home, but I can't?

  At the beginning of last year, Mr. Wu's father died of illness, and Aunt Sun made it worse. She asked her son to take him home for the elderly and refused to live alone in her hometown.

  "I'm your own mother. Why can my own mother live in your home and I can't?"

  "My mother-in-law helped me with my baby. It's ten years in this area. Where can I live? Throw it away when you're done? Your son, I still have to go out! "

  It is impossible to drive away your mother. However, Aunt Sun has been tossing in her hometown, and her relatives are also dissatisfied with Mr. Wu, which makes Mr. Wu feel helpless and has to go to his wife to discuss this matter.

  "Let your mother come and provide for the aged, yes, just as I give you face. However, you have to promise me three things, otherwise there is no way. "

  Although Mr. Wu's wife doesn't like her mother-in-law, she agreed to her mother-in-law's coming to support the elderly and made three demands for the sake of 13 years' mutual affection.

  First, my mother-in-law is here to support the elderly, not to add to their difficulties, and she can't be told what to do. Mr. Wu must protect her and stand on her side; Second, her daughter is her darling, and if her mother-in-law hurts her daughter because of son preference, she will never tolerate it; Third, her mother won't leave. If her mother-in-law gives her mother a hard time, don't blame her for being ruthless.

  Mr. Wu agreed to his wife's request, talked with his mother all night, and after getting her guarantee, he took her over.

  03. Complain that my granddaughter is only close to my grandmother, but my son doesn't help me, accusing me of not knowing how to cherish happiness;

  "Before picking you up, didn't you promise me that you wouldn't bother my wife, daughter and mother-in-law?"

  Aunt Sun felt unhappy only a few days after she came home to support the elderly, and complained to her son because she found that her granddaughter only kissed her grandmother, not herself.

  "When the girl saw me, she called her grandmother and ran away. One day, she couldn't say a few words to me. When she saw her grandmother, she was happy and rushed directly. She also took out something for her grandmother with pocket money from her schoolbag. I've been here for a few days. Did she buy something for me and honor me? Her surname is Wu, not Fang. "

  Aunt Sun was unhappy and scolded her granddaughter. The child was always clever and sensible, and rarely scolded. After being fierce by her grandmother, she began to cry. When her daughter-in-law knew about it, she had a quarrel with her mother-in-law.

  The old man was dissatisfied that his granddaughter was only close to his grandmother. In order to prevent the situation from escalating further, his son Mr. Wu had to make it clear completely: "Mom, you didn't take her for a day, so you can be satisfied if you can support the elderly. To tell the truth, my daughter-in-law has a good temper and is filial to you. When you were in your hometown, her daughter-in-law gave you 1000 alimony a month. Ask the old people who refused to help her with the baby if there is such treatment. If you toss again, I can only send you back. I can't even give up my wife and children for you. I can't find another one for your son, and I don't want to die alone. "

  Probably seeing that no one helped her, Aunt Sun was a lot more honest in the next few days and didn't dare to bother anyone else.

  04. People who don't want to give and ask too much and want too much are very sad and happy.

  I remember Kitano Takeshi once said, "The so-called rules, fundamentally speaking, are actually thinking of others. A bad person has no idea of' considering the feelings of others'. "

  People who are unwilling to give and ask too much and want too much are very sad and happy. You only consider your own feelings, only care about your own thoughts, and don't take the thoughts of your daughter-in-law or even your son seriously at all. For their own happiness, they will be burdened and suffer for a long time, not to mention the daughter-in-law, a stranger who has no blood relationship with you and relies on caring for each other. Even your son will be dissatisfied with you, unless he can't carry it clearly and doesn't want his own small family.

  A word of advice to parents, the reason why you are asked to be kind to your daughter-in-law or son-in-law is not for your daughter-in-law and son-in-law, but for your children. Family harmony is the basic happiness. Don't you really want them to live well and hope that they will lose their families, become unqualified parents and spouses, and die alone? Won't you regret seeing them alone?

  As Lu Yao wrote in "Ordinary World": "The reason why people suffer is to pursue the wrong things. If you don't bother yourself, others won't bother you. "

  Contented people are always happy. For parents, their children and husbands are loving, their grandchildren are clever and considerate, their families are harmonious, their careers are successful, and they are filial to you. What is there to be dissatisfied with? The more you want, the more they can't afford it. If you are dissatisfied with their dissatisfaction, your old age will not be guaranteed.

  Hello, I am good, everyone is good, especially at home. If your children's spouses are good, your children and grandchildren will feel comfortable, and your old age will not be much worse.

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