The father who has been missing for 22 years asked his daughter to provide for the aged, and the daughter replied: "The premise of filial piety is the kindness of the father."

  In modern society, providing for the aged is a very important event for any country, and many countries have issued laws and regulations to find ways to solve the problem of providing for the aged. In our country, there are many ways to provide for the aged, among which the most common one is that children support their parents.

  It is a deep-rooted concept of most people to raise children to prevent old age. Filial piety is also the essence of our 5000-year-old traditional culture. If children are unfilial and refuse to support their parents, they will be condemned by public opinion and sanctioned by law. However, in some cases where children refuse to provide for their parents, public opinion cannot just condemn them, because sometimes parents also make big mistakes.

  Recently, when Qiu Ya was brushing her circle of friends, she saw a person writing in the circle of friends: "Even if you take me to court, I won't give you a pension. Even if I die, you won't get a penny from me. As early as 22 years ago, I didn't have you as a father. You deserve to be my father! "

  Qiu Ya clicked on the avatar, only to find that this person is my high school classmate. So, I sent her a message and asked her to tell me her story. With her consent, I shared the story.

  Next, for the convenience of narration and readers' reading, I will tell my classmate's experience in the first person.


  "Daughter, according to the regulations, you have an obligation to give me a pension! If you don't give me a pension, I'll sue you in court and ruin your unfilial daughter. "

  "You go! I can't wait for you to sue me If possible, I really hope that the court will judge you that I am divorced from my father-daughter relationship. I tell you, even if the court really sentenced me to give you a pension, I would rather go to jail than agree. "

  This is my conversation with my biological father. Seeing this, many people will scold me for being unfilial, but they refuse to provide for my father's old age, and their attitude is still so arrogant. What makes me feel gratified is that my neighbors and people who know the situation support me and do not use the power of public opinion to force me to compromise.

  Funnily enough, I haven't seen my real father for 22 years, and this is the first time I have seen his true face clearly.

  In my childhood memory, there was no father at all, I only had my mother, and my childhood was accompanied by poverty, indifference, ridicule and helplessness.

  When I was in primary school, my friends bullied me and called me a fatherless child. I ran back to my mother and cried, asking where my mother and father had gone, but my mother just hugged me and cried, and refused to say a word.

  I didn't know the truth about my father's disappearance until I grew up.

  It turned out that when I was two years old, my father met the "true love" outside marriage. He ignored the opposition of his grandparents and mother and insisted on running away with that true love. He not only forced his mother to sign a divorce agreement, but also took away the savings at home and disappeared in front of his family.

  Before my father left, my grandfather beat and scolded, and my grandmother cried and begged, which failed to touch his heart of stone. My father and that woman left their hometown to be the door-to-door sons-in-law, while my grandparents were too sad and seriously ill.

  At that time, grandma knew about it and rushed to my house angrily to take my mother and me away. Mother refused to remarry and stayed in order not to hurt her poor grandparents.

  When I was four years old, my grandparents passed away. No matter how my family contacted my father, they couldn't get him to come back and give them a ride.

  After my grandparents died, my mother still refused to remarry. She took me to the county seat regardless of her grandmother's opposition. Under the introduction of my uncle, my mother went to a rich man's house to be a nanny.

  During the day, I am studying at school and my mother is working. In the evening, I cooked dinner for my mother and wrote my homework alone.


  How heartless is my real father to me? You have no idea.

  In the year when I took the senior high school entrance examination, my mother lost her job and we lost our jobs. At this time, my senior high school entrance examination results came out, and I was admitted to the best local high school.

  In order to pay for my study, my mother spent a lot of trouble and contacted many people before she knew my father's whereabouts.

  My mother went to my father and hoped that he would pay for my study. However, she only got this sentence: "A girl film is also worthy of attending high school? Don't go to school without money. Didn't I say that when I got divorced? I don't want a girl. I don't want this daughter. Whether she is alive or dead has nothing to do with me. "

  Mom felt desperate, and I was ready to drop out of school. At this time, my junior high school teachers were unwilling.

  My head teacher in charge of junior high school, together with other teachers and the generosity of my neighbors, raised my tuition. With the help of my aunt, my mother also found another job. Therefore, I was able to continue studying.

  At the age of 18, I finally fulfilled my grandfather's dying wish and was admitted to the university he longed for. With the help of my teacher, I applied for a student loan and went to the city for a summer job. My mother also went to the city with me.

  When I was at school, my biggest wish was to make a lot of money. I want my mother to live a good life, I want to repay my teachers and neighbors for helping me, and I want to prove to that cold-blooded man. He abandoned our mother and daughter decisively because I was a girl. I want to prove to him that girls are no worse than boys.


  After graduating from college, I found a suitable job and lived with my mother.

  Just as our mother and daughter came through thick and thin, the man appeared in front of my eyes. On the third day when I returned to my hometown, I met him at home. At that time, he appeared in front of me dressed in dirty and tattered clothes.

  Although I don't know him, my mother does. As soon as he saw me, he wanted to go up and hold my hand and was stopped by my mother.

  Then, the man grabbed my mother and cried with tears and snot about his "experience": "Wife, I was wrong. I was heartless and betrayed you. I regret it now. I beg you, give me another chance to turn over a new leaf so that I can accompany you to die. "

  Mom threw him away and pointed at his nose and cursed, "didn't you say that bitch is your true love?" Where is she? "

  "She had cancer and died. We haven't had any children since we got married. Her father asked me to be a door-to-door son-in-law, just to have a child with his surname. He didn't get what he wanted, and he always hated me, so he kicked me out of the house. Now that I am homeless, I have to come to you. "

  At that time, I heard someone laughing in the crowd, and my father gave the crowd a bad look.

  I stepped forward, pulled my mother behind me, looked at the man in front of me calmly and said, "When I was 15 years old, I was admitted to a high school, and I didn't have the money to pay my tuition. My mother went to ask you for money. What did you say? Didn't you say that it was none of your business whether I was alive or dead? In your eyes, have you ever had a daughter like me? If it weren't for you, grandparents wouldn't have died; If it weren't for you, mother wouldn't suffer so much; If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have received so many dirty eyes. People are watching, and you have come to this end. It's all your own fault. You haven't raised me, and you haven't done your duty as a father, so I have no obligation to support you. You go! I can't recognize you as a heartless father. "

  After listening to my words, the man was completely angry. He rushed forward and wanted to slap me, but was stopped by the onlookers in time.

  He shouted at me, "Smelly girl, your wings are getting hard, how dare you talk to your father like that?" I tell you, it is the duty of children to support their parents. Even if I haven't raised you, you have to support me. If you dare not give me a pension, I will sue you in court. If you don't let me feel better, I won't let you feel better. "

  I replied, "the premise of filial piety is the kindness of the father!" Go ahead and sue if you can! As it happens, you have been missing since I was two years old, and you owe me 16 years of child support. At that time, I think the court will sentence me to give you a pension or sentence you to pay my alimony. "

  After listening to my classmate's story, I finally understood the anger and sadness behind her circle of friends.

  There is a saying that the father of a classmate is right. As children, they do have the obligation to provide for their parents' old age, which is stipulated by law. However, there is a premise for filial piety. The ancients all said that fatherly filial piety is the premise of filial piety.

  Children can't choose their own family of origin, but parents have the right to choose whether to bring their children into this world. A child is not an object to be lost, but a living life, a continuation of parents' blood. Since you choose to bring your child into the world, you have an obligation to treat your child well and do your best to create a healthy and safe growth environment for him.

  The obligation of support and the obligation of support complement each other. As parents, it is your obligation to raise your children. As long as you fulfill the obligation of support, you are qualified to ask your children to support you. People who are born without support are not worthy of being parents, nor are they worthy of asking their children to be filial to them.