After the age of 60, the best living condition is a life with low desire.

  After the age of 60, the best living condition is a life of low desire:

  1. Quit smoking as early as possible and drink moderately.

  After the age of 60, health should be the first priority, and heavy smokers should divert their attention and cultivate more other hobbies. You can have a few drinks.

  2, control the desire to make money, don't be greedy.

  After the age of 60, our health has also declined. If it is not really difficult, don't think about making money any more. Gold, silver and money will be enough if you don't bring them with you.

  3, don't eat and drink, eat lightly.

  After reaching the age of 60, you should control your desire for delicious food, eat less oil and salt, and live on simple food is healthier.

  4, don't be lascivious, control your body's desires.

  After people reach the age of 60, husband and wife should live in moderation and not overdraw their physical energy.

  5. Reduce the desire to control children.

  When people are old, take a back seat and let their children struggle on their own. Children and grandchildren have their own blessings, and they are annoyed if they take care of too much.

  6. Don't go to the chess room for the elderly.

  As the saying goes, ten bets and nine losses, often going to the chess room to fool around, it is easy to lose all the pension, not worth the candle.

  7. Reduce unnecessary socialization.

  After the age of 60, try to go to some wine bureaus and dinners as little as possible, and don't waste too much time on these meaningless social activities.

  After people reach the age of 60, the best way to live is to reduce their own desires, return to the essence of life, and pay attention to spiritual prosperity.

  After the age of 60, learn to enjoy loneliness, return to the countryside, and let the body and mind have a good rest. Stay away from the hustle and bustle, drink tea, plant flowers, travel, and enjoy the last golden years of your life!