Ten months after they broke up, they were both depressed and hospitalized, and they met in the adventure ward.

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  Ten months after the breakup, I was hospitalized with depression. On the second day of hospitalization, I met my ex-boyfriend who was also hospitalized in the ward. Ten months after I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, I went to the hospital. Because of depression. It's really embarrassing to say. My ex-boyfriend treated me like body double. I took revenge after I knew it. After the revenge, I was depressed because I still loved him. I have a hard mouth and a cruel heart. When I retaliated against my ex-boyfriend, everyone praised me for being a and sassy. Only I know, I'm a fucking love brain. Love is fake, and freedom is fake. I stabbed him while hurting him and hurting him in my heart. So the tenth month after we broke up, I was depressed and hospitalized. Every night in Lacrimosa, I dream of seeing Lin Run again. I want to ask him why he doesn't love me and why he treats me like body double. I love him so much that he can love me too. Then the next day, I really saw him. In the corridor of the inpatient department. He is also wearing a hospital gown, with a broken washbasin in his hand and a blue washcloth outside. At first sight, I thought I had seen a ghost. I rushed forward and slapped him hard in the face. When I heard him calling my name angrily, I was sure I didn't see a ghost. The touch on the slap is warm and real. I heard that ghosts are cold. So I switched the fighting state for a second and sneered: "What a coincidence, are you sick, too?" This building is full of depression. I estimate that he should have completely broken up with Bai Yueguang, the founder of body double, after being retaliated by me, which led to depression and came here. Psst. My heart suddenly hurts at the thought of this. Really disappointing. Lin Run also learned from my indifference and stared at me."It's not thanks to you," said Yin and Yang. It was because I ruined his and Bai Yueguang's future. I should have been in a good mood. After all, this proves that my revenge is remarkable. But I don't know why, I just can't be happy. My heart is like being weighed down by a weight of 1,000 kilograms, and I can't breathe. But momentum can't be lost. I stared at Lin Run else, and when I passed him, I raised a shining smile: "That's so sorry." Lin Run's fist hardened. I ran away quickly. I'm kidding. Although he looks fragile and falls down with a push, he can actually beat down ten hooligans with one punch. Don't ask me how I know, just ... I'm sorry. Yes, that's right. I met Lin Run because he gave me a fist. Many, many years ago, I was a beautiful girl who loved disco dancing. I felt uncomfortable all over if I didn't dance for a day. But as we all know, disco dancing is a kind of thing, and the environment is dark, so it is common to lose things. But I didn't think I could even get rid of the ancestral necklace around my neck. Who the fuck danced around my neck? Very immoral! I came home in the middle of the night and found that the necklace around my neck was missing, so I went back to look for it at once. Luckily, I just walked to the door of the bar and saw my necklace. Unfortunately, it hangs around the neck of a social elder brother who doesn't look easy to mess with. Social brother passed me with his little brothers. I turned my foot and followed the social elder brother's ass. Walking, social elder brother suddenly stopped with one foot brake. I bumped into his back as hard as a drill, and my nose was broken in pain. Social elder brother took a cigarette and asked me, "Sister,Are you attracted to me? ""I don't know. " I reached out and pointed to the gold necklace around his neck. "I have a crush on your big gold chain. Can you touch it for me?" "Why touch it?" Social brother came forward, "cold, you touch brother, brother is hot." At the moment he approached, I saw an elegant word engraved on the pendant. It's my family's necklace. That's right. It is said that girls in my family are not very ladylike and careless for generations, so my ancestors made this gold necklace and carved an elegant word on the pendant, hoping to make a gentle and lovely lady, and pass it on from woman to man. When I was sure, I put my hand around my brother's neck, pulled off my necklace and ran. It took Social Brother and his demented brothers three seconds to react. And chase after my ass. It was at this time that Lin Run appeared. Seeing that I was chased by my social elder brother, I knocked several people down without saying anything. I went up to gloat and accidentally got a punch from Lin Run. This punch made me see stars, and I fell into his arms feebly at that time. Lin Run was frightened and got into the taxi with me. In the car, I secretly opened one eye and observed his appearance. He was thin but powerful, with soft facial features. He always looked familiar, but he couldn't remember it. But it doesn't matter. Anyway, this look is my dish. Maybe I met him before, but I didn't keep him. Let him run away. With this in mind, I decided to correct him. I leaned weakly on his shoulder and was so weak that I said, "Who am I? Where am I? How come I don't remember anything? " Lin Run looked at me rather inquisitively:"I hit your cheekbone ... this place can also cause amnesia?" Yes. I pretended to be dead after he asked this question. When I got to the hospital, I insisted that I didn't remember anything. The doctor said it was also possible. In this way, I succeeded in getting into Lin Run. In the middle of the night, we walked out of the hospital together. I leaned my head on his shoulder and began to talk nonsense: "Although I have amnesia, I feel that you are familiar and still together in the middle of the night. Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?" Lin Run looked me up and down, but he didn't deny it: "Well." I can't fix it now. Then, while I was still in a daze, Lin Run took me directly to the hotel. Looking at a luxurious hotel, the lobby is resplendent. He dragged me to the front desk and took out his ID card: "A big bed room." Waterfalk. I couldn't hold back, and suddenly pushed him away: "You are going too far, taking advantage of people's danger to behave like a villain!" The young lady at the front desk awkwardly held up the room card. Lin Run looked at me with a good rest: "It's not a child anymore. How can it be a villain to fall in love and open a room?" "Who is in love with you!" "You." Lin Run's lies are also handy. "You have forgotten your amnesia. We have been in love for ten years." Bah! Shameless! ! Ten years ago, when I was in Grade One, who fell in love with you! ! ! I was ready to give him a big scolding. Suddenly, he laughed and reached out and rubbed my head: "I'm kidding. The room is for my friend. He is drunk." I just met you because I went to find him. " The fire I just lit was poured with a pot of water, and it went out with a stab.A little gray smoke rose. I buttoned my toes in embarrassment and said, "Oh."

  At the end of that day, Lin Run took my mobile phone and added WeChat. I want to poke this fake love at the right time and ask: "Aren't we in love? Why don't we even have WeChat?" Lin Run replied while adding: "We quarreled, and you deleted me." I don't change my face. If I hadn't faked amnesia, I would have believed it. After adding WeChat, Lin Run will come to visit my "girlfriend" every so often, sometimes running the road, sometimes bowling and sometimes archery. He seems to be very interested in these little games. He plays all kinds of strange games well and seems to play them often. My life, which is so dull that I can only dance, has finally become wonderful under his leadership. So, I was as excited as a monkey on Friday. Since I punched in the morning, I have been wholeheartedly guessing what he will take me to play this weekend. He also lived up to expectations and brought me new tricks every week. I can't help but sigh, one punch, for a good all-around boyfriend. This wave is a sure profit. Another Friday, as always, I guessed what Lin Run would take me to play this time. I was so excited when I got off work that I was ready to slip away with my bag. I just ran to the door and ran into the boss head-on. He looked at the bag under my arm: "Off duty?" "Well ..." I immediately turned around and went back. "No, I just wanted to go to the toilet. It's more convenient to put paper in my bag." The boss said, "Come to the office with me." "Good boss." I piled up a fake smile and greeted his family in my heart. Ten minutes later. I sincerely greet the boss and his family! He asked me not to work overtime,But let me take over a project with a five-figure commission. Five digits! ! ! I declare that from now on, the company is my home, and it smells good when the boss farts! After talking about the project, the boss patted me on the shoulder: "Don't be too nervous, the project is actually not difficult, and your recent running code level can fully cope." Originally, I was not nervous. After he finished this sentence, I suddenly became nervous. I said ... With my code level of fishing for three days and drying the net for two days, how can the boss trust me with such a big project? Emotion is that the code that Lin Run gave me is awesome-since I got on Lin Run, I found out that he also does programming, so I always asked him to give me code. However, he usually doesn't want to do one or two codes for me. Will he kill me if he directly asks me to do a project? Just thinking like this, I looked back and saw Lin Run looking at me outside the office, and his face was not very good. Sure enough ... I knew it. He must not like it! I walked out of the door with heavy steps. In order to ease his mood, I asked, "Where to play today?" "Swimming." When he said these two words, his tone was colder than the water in the pool. My hot face sticks to my cold ass: "Great!" It's not all flattering. Swimming is my strong point. When I was young, my mother heard that children could swim when they were born, so she left me to soak in the pool. He said he was afraid that I would embarrass my boyfriend in the future and asked me who he would save when his mother and I fell into the water. After I learned to swim, I went to save his mother. This will not only make the boyfriend comfortable, but also effectively promote the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Kill two birds with one stone, simply don't be too perfect.Thanks to my mother's whimsy, I learned to swim without learning to walk. At the age of thirteen, I saved a boy who fell into the water, but the ending of saving people was not very happy. I missed two classes for saving people, and I was invited to my parents the next day. But it doesn't matter, it's all over, and it doesn't affect my swimming skills. Today, I just take this opportunity to show a wave in front of Lin Run. Let him know that my limbs are developed and I am super awesome, but my mind is simple and I can't type codes. Wait a minute. ..... I always feel something is wrong, but I can't figure it out. Forget it. In short, today I will be the brightest star in the swimming pool, blinding Lin Run's titanium dog eyes! I want him to be impressed by my charm and be willing to type the code for me! Just when my blood was boiling, Lin Run changed his swimming trunks and came out. I turned my head carelessly, and suddenly my blood was pumping. Holy shit. Can I see this figure without spending money? Eight-pack ABS, perfect mermaid line, male dog's waist ... Psst, tears unwillingly flowed down from the corners of his mouth. I immediately turned into a dog licking, ran to Lin Run and asked, "Can I touch your abdominal muscles?" Without waiting for his answer, he touched his hand and said, "Thank you, good people are safe all their lives." Tight and thick. The sense of security is full, and the boyfriend is bursting! I couldn't help staring at the stars. I ran backstage and changed my swimsuit. I ran to him and said, "Brother Lin Run, people can't swim. Can you teach me?" Lin Run: "... Be nice." Me: "Teach me to swim." Lin Run gave me a look: "You won't?" I blinked: "I won't."Just kidding, teaching swimming, what a rare opportunity to promote emotional warming, how could I do it at this time! That must be no! Work is not as important as handsome men! Lin Run gave me another meaningful look, then plunged into the swimming pool, swam out as far as a fish, swam in front of me again, stretched out his hands and made a hug: "Jump down." I jumped. Hit his arms. His chest is hard. My heart is beating fast. I looked up in his arms, and this time I was really shy: "Well, back off." Lin Run didn't listen. He put his arm around my waist and his voice was dumb: "Learn to swim." The hands on my waist are wide and hot, which makes me blush. After teaching for a while, the atmosphere has become ambiguous, and it is necessary to boil the water in the swimming pool. Lin Run looked at me for a long time and suddenly took me to the deep water area. I put my legs around his waist and put my arms around his neck: "Don't let me go." Lin Run didn't answer, but looked at me passionately. That look, like you're going to eat me.