The husband and wife in different places had a dinner party with a napkin, but the wife subconsciously put away her mobile phone, and the two sides looked at each other awkwardly.

  As the saying goes: "Feelings can't stand the test, and people's hearts can't stand the test." At the moment when desires are flowing, no matter the people around them or personal experiences, it is never conducive to the management of emotional relationships. It can be said that emotional relationships will be "unrecognizable" after a long time.

  Some netizens in Sichuan shared a bitter experience of reunion of couples in different places on a social platform, which aroused netizens' attention and heated discussion. They all said that "companionship is the longest confession". Although long-distance love is bitter, time can temper whether two people's will is firm and whether love is firm.

  In the video, the couple are preparing to get together in the restaurant. After all, the husband works outside all the year round and rarely goes back several times a year. This time, he went home to visit his wife. I thought that both sides wanted to see each other very much, and then after meeting, his wife's actions made her husband feel some kind of estrangement and distance.

  I saw that my husband got up to get some napkins during the meal. Unexpectedly, my wife mistakenly thought that her husband wanted to look at his mobile phone, so she subconsciously put it back in her pocket. After her husband found out about her actions, her wife realized it later, and then they looked at each other awkwardly.

  Netizen's point of view:

  Some netizens commented that if you want to live a decent life, you must have a little green on your head.

  Some netizens commented that life belongs to no one, but their own decisions bear the consequences.

  Some netizens also commented that this is a betrayal of the mind, and the betrayal of the mind is more terrible than the betrayal of the body.

  The author thinks that this seemingly simple scene has caused deep thought. Although there is no conflict between the two, there may already be a lot of suspicions about each other in their hearts. Therefore, at this time, we should communicate more and resolve misunderstandings in order to make each other more trusting and understanding.