The most sincere filial piety: giving up the carnival of calling friends and friends and chatting with parents at home.

  The National Day holiday in 2020 coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival on the same day, so everyone is feeling that this holiday is just like the Chinese New Year.

  Not only because of the long holidays, but most importantly, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a family reunion festival for us in China, which is not less important than the Chinese New Year.

  If nothing else, just talk about those people who are stuck on the highway by car. Many of them are not going out to play, but rushing home to reunite with their eager parents.

  Qin Daqiang went to university in Wuhan, where he stayed directly after graduation to get married and have children. I was going to take my wife and children back to my parents' house during the Spring Festival. Unfortunately, the holiday was too late to get back.

  During the eleventh holiday, his old father offered to say, "You don't have to come back, as long as you are outside." He promised, but people still came back to surprise their parents.

  We also asked him, is it worth being stuck on the highway for so long? Maybe you can come back two days late, maybe the road will be better. Have to catch up with the peak?

  He said yes, if he was not a father himself, he would stagger the rush hour to go home. However, since he had a child, he really realized his parents' feelings of missing his son. So, be sure to come back and spend a reunion Mid-Autumn Festival with your parents.

  Sometimes, it is more necessary to have a sense of ceremony with the people closest to you. It is not superficial, but a kind of attention to family. Just like this time, he said, the more holidays, the more lonely parents will feel, especially when they see other people's children around them, and their loneliness will be even stronger. I feel sour when I think about that scene.

  "In the past, when I was studying outside, I basically didn't stay at home when I went home for the New Year. At most, I ate New Year's Eve in my own home. Other days are basically going out for parties or playing with classmates and friends. It seems that the busyness of calling friends is the most beautiful life. It is difficult for parents to stay at home for a meal. " Qin Daqiang said thoughtfully.

  In fact, many people, especially young people, are practicing this way of celebrating the holidays.

  Fortunately, more and more young people, like Qin Daqiang, have gradually begun to realize a problem: filial piety can't just be lip service, but action should be taken.

  It is not a phone call to parents from thousands of miles away with enthusiasm, nor how many gifts and red envelopes to prepare for parents, but to let parents really enjoy the family happiness that is both visible and tangible.

  You know, life comes and goes, and the future is not long. It is the greatest gift from God that children want to raise and stay close to each other. While our parents are still alive, we certainly have to spend more time with them. Because companionship is one of the most popular forms of filial piety.

  Except for a few parents who are selfish, poor in wealth and overly vain, most parents don't want their children to achieve much, and they don't want to take much money to go home to honor themselves. They just like their children to be safe and healthy. It is good to go home and see them more during the holidays, and it is good to have a reunion dinner with them. It is very satisfying to talk to them about their parents.

  Therefore, as children, don't be stingy with your feelings, don't always take busyness as an excuse, don't always take the maintenance of contacts as an excuse, for the sake of your playful heart, regardless of your parents' thoughts.

  Their request is as simple as that. Usually, their children are busy at work, and they understand and dare not disturb them easily. However, during the holidays, they always hope that you can accompany them, have dinner at home and talk about their parents' shortcomings.

  Once the song "Go home and have a look" became popular in the streets and lanes, which moved countless people. The lyrics are beautifully written, and the singer sings deeply. While listening to music, we have to understand the meaning: we grow up day by day, which means that our parents are getting old day by day. Their hearts are lonely. The older they are, the more they are eager to get their children's company. Only more children's company is the best comfort for that kind of panic in the depths of years.

  No amount of money, rich material giving, frequent telephone greetings and convenient video communication can replace the true companionship of children and grandchildren around their knees.

  Since ancient times, loyalty has been the foundation of the country, and filial piety has been the foundation of the family. If the subjects are disloyal, the country will be in danger, and if the children and grandchildren are unfilial, the family will be messy. A country in distress and a messy house naturally cannot produce happy and happy people. Therefore, the more you are really filial to your children, the more you can enjoy happiness, and those who live happily by themselves are more capable of bringing more happiness to people around you. This is a virtuous circle.

  Some people think that the best material enjoyment for parents is filial piety, while others think that giving parents a big fat grandson is filial piety ... In fact, what parents really want is that their children can be more patient, careful and accompany them.

  "Companionship is the most affectionate filial piety", and I hope that everyone who is a child will share it. Filial piety in time, life will not leave regrets, and I hope that every truly filial person can support his children and stay close to them.