Women are molested by men. As long as they eat and drink with me, the woman's reply is surprising.

  Women are molested by men. As long as they eat and drink with me, the woman's reply is surprising.

  I replied angrily, "I can put it wherever I want, wherever I like." The goods reply: "No, put it in my heart." Congratulations to myself first, I have survived! ! ! ! I think everyone, especially women, will encounter temptation once or many times in this life. If I have a forest and someone wants to give me a sapling, it's not temptation, it's fun. Temptation is like a pie falling from the sky, like a piece of Yangmeilin that suddenly appears when you are thirsty. For us, it has fatal attraction and is hard to resist. This is called temptation. My ordinary first half of my life can be said to have no outstanding experience and no great achievements, but I also encountered several temptations, big and small, which really made me miserable! In the courtyard of my hometown in early summer, the pan is steaming with the dishes cooked for everyone. I sit in a small piece of shade in the sun, recalling the lush years of that year and writing down these unknown past events. Before I worked as a nanny, I was mainly engaged in human resources. For a while, I was the head of the management department and also managed the procurement work.

  Of course, I didn't suddenly become the head of the management department. Before that, I had two jobs for more than a year. That factory is not big. There are more than 400 people in the peak season and more than 300 people in the off-season. There is a clerk in the purchasing department and a clerk in the personnel department, and then there is me. Two departments, add up to three people. At that time, the office software and management were not advanced, and it was impossible for a clerk to complete the specific affairs of the whole department. Therefore, I am also responsible for many specific tasks, such as checking employee attendance and finding original suppliers. It was during the period when I was in charge of the procurement work that I met the first big temptation in my life. At that time, factories and canteens used diesel for cooking and burning boilers. It costs thousands of liters every time, and it costs more than 10 thousand yuan when checking out. As for this matter, it belongs to both logistics and procurement. I am in charge of it, and I am fully responsible for it. The water in here is unfathomable. At that time, the market was not standardized, and many diesel fuels would be fraudulent. The most common thing is to cheat on weight.

  I went to the weighbridge once when I was full of oil, then I put the oil in our factory after I weighed it, and then I went to the weighbridge again, so I can calculate the number of liters of gas. I've been to the weighbridge with a full car full of gas. On the way back to the factory, I sent the driver of the factory to follow me and saw the oil truck discharging water all the way. The driver said it was like a sprinkler. All the water released is included in the oil money, so our factory can pay the bill. This was the routine operation of many gas bosses at that time. There is another situation, that is, after I contacted the oil boss, the boss directly told me: you add 6 thousand liters of oil, I will give you 3 thousand kickbacks. At the beginning of 2000, the salary of most ordinary employees was only a few hundred yuan. Is 3,000 yuan a huge temptation? For mine at that time, it counted. But I have another characteristic, timidity.

  Cherish job opportunities. I'm afraid of being discovered by the boss, the chef in the factory and the master who burns the boiler. I'm afraid of breaking the law and losing my job. So, I refused this private transaction of the oil boss. Then, when the market is full of crows, it is not easy to find a white swan. In order to fill the real tight oil, I have called countless times and contacted countless oil bosses. The first sentence is: "I want to add diesel, and I don't want a rebate. The price can be higher, but it must be weighed as many liters as necessary." Many bosses get a call and say,' Yes, of course, I will give you enough liters.' But without exception, they will sprinkle water all the way back to the factory after the car is full of oil and the weighbridge. For this, I am very worried. The factory director at that time was a Taiwan Province woman in her forties. I told her: "I can do other jobs, but I can't do the job of adding diesel." She asked me why. I said I couldn't stop the oil boss from making a fake. Taiwan Province female factory director listened and smiled. She didn't ask much, but said, "I see, you don't have to worry about this matter." Later, she called the oil boss herself to come and refuel. As for how she communicated with the oil boss, I don't know if she sprinkled water again. But not long after that, she promoted me to the head of management class. At that time, the promotion was usually to be the deputy head of the class first, and then the head of the class. I crossed the step of the deputy head of the class. The salary has also increased by 1,500 at a time.

  At that time, the salary increase of employees was one hundred, two hundred, and the most was three kings and one hundred. I think she gave me an astronomical figure. I don't know if it has anything to do with adding diesel. If this time, I was flying low. Then the next temptation almost made me fall. Machines are often purchased in the factory. A machine ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. As well as the usual maintenance and damaged parts, they are all packaged to the same company. I still remember that the person in charge of that company was surnamed Liu. I call him Mr. Liu. After I took office as the head of the management department, I can also be entrusted with the important task of machine procurement. The first time I contacted Mr. Liu, it was because the machine was broken, and after the shelf life, I needed to replace more expensive parts. The day he came to the factory was the first time we met, which happened to be Women's Day on March 8th. He brought me a bucket from KFC and a bunch of flowers.

  Oh, my God, that was the first time in my life and the only time I received flowers before. Well, I'll be honest. KFC has never eaten before. When I was in my twenties, I was already the mother of a child, but I was still very embarrassed and even blushed. I refused to accept it, and he said,' a little gift to show my heart.' I still don't answer it, and I'm going backwards. Looking back now, the performance was too generous. Like a little girl who has never seen the world. Oh, what a shame. Mr. Liu added:' I'm not even more embarrassed if you don't accept it? Which wardrobe is yours?' At that time, we went to work, and each of us had a wardrobe to put our own sundries. I pointed to an empty cupboard that was not used by anyone. Mr. Liu put the things in and went to the workshop with me. My heart is pounding. Later, I took the whole family bucket to the office and shared it with my colleagues.

  Lied that Mr. Liu gave it to all the female employees in the office. Flowers are also inserted in the office. That evening, Mr. Liu sent me a message. At that time, before there were so many social software, I sent a short message on my mobile phone: "Miss X, your voice is beautiful, but I didn't expect people to be beautiful." Here, here. . For me, it's over the top. I didn't reply. Later, Mr. Liu often sent me short messages. Ask me if there are any classmates who do the same kind of work as me? Introduce the machines in their factory. I said I would introduce it if there was an opportunity. Later, he often chats with me during office hours. Out of courtesy, I will make an excuse to hang up after dealing with a few words. For a time, he often went to our factory without authorization, saying that he was maintaining the machine. The maintenance of the machine is the responsibility of the technician in the machine shop of our factory. I asked him to directly contact the technician in the future, so don't look for me.

  I'll call him on my own initiative. Finally stopped looking for me. Once, maybe there was a glitch in the machine, and the technician contacted him himself. But I didn't know the first thing. I happened to have something else to do. I heard Mr. Liu asking outside the door, "Is Miss X married?" How old are you this year? " The technician replied,' I'm already married and have children.' Mr. Liu asked, "Oh, is her husband also in this factory?" The technician said, "it's not in our factory, but it seems to be in a factory near here." I don't know the details. " I walked in with a calm face. Their conversation was interrupted. After a while, I received a short message from Mr. Liu: "Miss X, I haven't contacted you for a long time. How have you been?" I replied, "OK, thank you." Mr. Liu added: "I really want to know whether your hair is placed outside or inside the quilt when you sleep?" I replied angrily, "I can put it wherever I want, wherever I like." The goods reply: "No, put it in my heart." I didn't reply to him again, and started quietly looking for other suppliers to replace them. I don't know how he got the news. (I always suspected that the technician revealed it) He came to our factory to find me.

  Unfortunately, I went out to recruit workers that day. At that time, we would go to Zhitong talent market every week for on-site recruitment. Mr. Liu went to the recruitment site, disguised as an interviewer and sat opposite me. He said to me, "Miss X, I see that you are very busy at work every day. Why should such a young woman be so tired?" My wife doesn't have to do anything, just take care of the children at home and buy whatever she wants. Eat whatever you want. I still live in a big house. " I said, "You go. This is the place to work. " Mr. Liu said: "In fact, as long as you have a good attitude, nothing is a problem. As far as your job is concerned, there is also a lot of oil and water to fish for. Everyone's chances of making a fortune are limited. If you give up, you may never have it again in this life. " "Besides, you are so young that you can live a good life without working. You only have one life, so why not take it too hard?" I said, what's it to you? He said: "it is not good for you to occupy this position, nor is it good for others." Get in your own way and get in the way of others.

  There are some things that I can't talk about in the factory, so I came here to talk to you today. "His eyes began to get cold. I know in my heart that technicians and suppliers have blocked many suspicious links and touched some people's private interests since I started to be in charge of machine procurement. Both technicians and suppliers have problems with me. I said, "I'm just working normally, and I'm not in anyone's way." Mr. Liu said: "Everyone comes out to make money. Some hidden rules do not harm anyone's interests, but only benefit everyone. You don't understand. This will be bad for you in the long run. " I'm listening to him, and I'm going to start picking on me

  Sure enough, not long after, he began to call our female factory director and complained that I had received his flowers and his whole family bucket. I said he brought it himself and invited the whole office to eat. Ask if you don't believe me. Everyone in the office ate it. The factory girl stared at me and asked, "Is that all?" I said that's all, and he sent me some messages. Would you like to have a look? I mean, isn't it because he thinks I'm shopping around for machines and haggling too hard? The female factory director said seriously, "I will check all these things you said!" " I said, "Go ahead and check, he is more shameless than the diesel boss." The corners of the mouth of the female factory director finally showed a little smile. Later, I found a new supplier and reported it to the female factory director. With her support, I replaced the factory.