"Wife, I can fight if I want." The man raised his hand, and the 23-year-old son: Try touching my mother.

  First of all, let me ask you, do you think a man who beats his wife deserves forgiveness?

  When I was 3 years old, my parents had an argument about going out to work. The reason was that my father wanted to go out and find a job to earn money to support his family, and let my mother stay in my hometown to take care of me. My mother refused to do it. I was worried that my father could not control himself outside and abandoned her. The two had an argument, and my father slapped my mother.

  After grandma knew this, she gave my dad a good beating with a stick. Her words made my mother remember: "I don't care what reason you have, you can't beat your wife." Take it out on your wife. What kind of man are you? "

  Bai Yansong once said:

  "A man who beats his wife or his girlfriend can still be called a man? I think not. As for whether it can be called people, everyone has his own opinion. Isn't it because you are energetic that men beat women? In fact, this kind of behavior is particularly boring. "

  Beating his wife and betraying are the most intolerable things for women in marriage. A woman forgives her husband for such behavior, often not because she has unfinished feelings, but because she can't leave him, such as children.

  My mother forgives my father, because I am still young, and because my father has been kind to her since then. He will honestly earn money to support his family and care for her. When she is sick, she tries to make money to treat her: "If he dares to do this again, I will kick him."

  And some men will intensify and hurt their wives again and again. If a woman chooses to continue to endure, she will only make her life in marriage worse than death.

  01. Growing up, I witnessed my mother being beaten more than once;

  In Fang Chen's eyes, her mother is a perfect woman and a rare good wife.

  "Grandma was paralyzed in bed. My elder sister-in-law and my dad, two biological children, thought she was dirty and never took care of her. My mother, the daughter-in-law, took care of her alone. When grandma left, she was clean and had no peculiar smell. My father works outside and doesn't touch the house. My mother takes care of my grandfather while taking care of me. She also has to do housework and keep the house in order. The family's economic situation is average. She leaves all the delicious food to grandpa, my father and I, and eats rice by ourselves. My aunt lives near us, and she often runs back to her parents' house for help when things happen. My mother, the younger sister-in-law, gives her help. Where can I find such a capable and virtuous daughter-in-law? "

  However, since childhood, Fang Chen witnessed his mother being beaten more than once, and the reasons why his father beat his mother were varied.

  "He suffered indignities in the factory and was afraid to find a boss. When he got home, he sat on the sofa and sulked. My mother gave him foot washing water. He slapped my mother when he said that you wanted to burn me to death. Is that water really hot?"

  "Mom asked him for money, but he refused to give it, calling my mom a prodigal bitch and hitting my mom. Grandpa needs to take medicine, I need to study, the family needs to live, and there is an aunt who comes to the door for an autumn wind from time to time. How much does he give my mother, and my mother can use it? "

  "Grandma's birthday, for the sake of his face, my mother took a little money to buy a gift and sent it there. He found that there was less money and almost didn't put my mother in the hospital."

  "Don't hit my mother." Once, Fang Chen couldn't stand it anymore and stood up to protect her mother, but her father beat her.

  Until now, Fang Chen has a fresh memory of his father's sentence, "My wife can call me if I want. What do you care?".

  02. Since you won't leave for me, I'll try to be your confidence to stop being beaten;

  It is nothing new for Fang Chen's father to beat his wife. All the neighbors know that Fang Chen has heard people around him accuse his father more than once.

  "When I asked my mother why she didn't leave this man who never changed his mind and never knew how to love her, my mother told me that she was doing it for me."

  As a housewife, she didn't have the courage to leave her husband. She was afraid of losing custody of her son and never seeing him again. Even if she gets custody of her son, she can't support him. She needs a man to support her son, provide him with education and marry him.

  "As long as you are good, I didn't get these beatings for nothing." Fang Chen felt his heart ached at the thought of his mother's words. After that, he made up his mind that he must be strong. Since his mother refused to leave for him, he would become the emboldened mother to stop being beaten.

  "I study hard, just to get into a good university and find a good job, so that I can be strong as soon as possible, so that my mother won't worry about me and I won't rely on my father to live any longer. I succeeded. I graduated from college and found a good job. I am a man. "

  03. If you want to rely on me to support the elderly, you have to be polite to my mother, otherwise don't blame me for being rude;

  After Fang Chen graduated, his father quit his job and planned to live a comfortable old-age life.

  "My mother is 55 years old. After all these years, her health has deteriorated a lot. She often gets sick. My father seems to be invisible. He goes out to play cards all day, goes out to drink with a group of friends, and gets drunk when he is drunk."

  Last weekend, 23-year-old Fang Chen went home to visit his parents. When he entered the door, he saw his father raise his hand. Fang Chen directly stood in front of his mother and shouted at his father: "You try to touch my mother. Remember, you have to rely on me to support the elderly. If I catch you bullying my mother again and make my mother feel wronged, I will take my mother away and let you cool off alone. "

  "How dare you! It's against you. Do you talk to me like that? Your wings are hard? "

  "Yes, my wings are hard, I can fly on my own, and I can protect my mother. You raised me and are kind to me. I don't deny that even if I take my mother away, I will give you an alimony, but don't think about living like a grandfather. "

  Looking at his big, angry son, Fang Chen's father's fist weakened, so he had to give up the idea of beating his wife.

  In order to prevent her mother from suffering again, Fang Chen rented a house for her parents in her residential area, let her manage the money, and told her: "He doesn't do housework, so don't cook for him. If he hits you, you call me. Dad, if you want me to take care of you when you get old, be polite to my mother. "

  "Someone asked me why I didn't let them get divorced, but my mother refused, fearing that my reputation would not be good, which would affect me in finding someone. I respect her. I support her divorce. If I don't divorce, I will keep an eye on my father and never give him a chance to bully my mother. As long as I am United with my mother, he will not dare to bully my mother. Without me, he will have no hope in his later years. "

  04. Women, rather than endure the time when their children can protect you, it is better to summon up courage and be strong.

  Fang Chen has grown up and become a grateful child, who can protect her mother with her own strength. However, I really don't agree that a woman who has an unhappy marriage can endure until her children can protect you.

  There is a line in "Story of Yanxi Palace": "If you are patient, you will only make others think you are weak. If you are too kind, others will take advantage of your weakness and push your luck. "

  The man's strength to hurt you is what you put up with. For such a selfish man who never respects you as a spouse from beginning to end, if you take a step back, he will push your luck until you are forced to retreat. At that time, you can even take your own life, just like in Double-Sided Adhesive, Li Yaping first attacked Hu Lijuan, and Hu Lijuan forgave him. Instead of getting Li Yaping's gratitude and treasure, he let him brazenly move his hand for the second time and personally killed the person next to him.

  Women, rather than endure the time when their children can protect you, it is better to summon up courage and be strong. It is not a good thing for him for his children to live in such an environment.

  Yi Shu once said: "Never underestimate the coldness of men when they break up. The stupidest thing for women is to give up their jobs for the so-called family. If they want to be independent, they must first be financially independent, and at least have the ability to support themselves at the end of the song, so that they can continue their lives with dignity!"

  In marriage, women are afraid to leave the man who hurts them, not so much because of their children, but because they don't have the confidence to be a good mother even if they leave the man. Your confidence is given by money. If you want to live with dignity, you have to have money.

  Finally, I would like to advise those men who don't cherish marriage and treat their wives well. It's not that they don't report it, but it's not time yet. You have to pay back the sins you made when you were young. If your children stand on your mother's side, you will be alone. If your children don't help your mother, you will be no better. You will all get the same treatment. In old age, the person who can really guard you is actually your kind wife.

  Today's topic: What do you think of men beating their wives? Welcome to share your opinions in the comments section.