What is the most meaningless thing to do after retirement?

  What is the most meaningless thing to do after retirement?

  1, addicted to alcohol and tobacco, excessive smoking, drinking, but also like to smoke well, drinking expensive Maotai-flavor wine, which not only consumes money, but also is not good for your health.

  2, staying at home all day, not brushing your mobile phone or watching TV series, doing nothing, not going out to exercise, being lazy.

  3. I have retired, people are getting cold after taking tea, and I often go to the original unit for tea, disturbing my colleagues in the previous unit, which actually adds to people's congestion.

  4, holding a meager pension, but also like to travel everywhere, travel around, in fact, this is consuming the old money.

  5. When people are old, they still refuse to accept the old age, and they still do some strenuous exercises, such as climbing mountains and playing basketball. The elderly are very fragile and easily injured.

  6, addicted to gambling, unable to extricate themselves, all day in and out of some chess and mahjong rooms, smoky, sooner or later, the savings will be exhausted.

  7, no money is still generous, often treat guests to dinner, relatives and friends to borrow money are responsive.

  8. Children are married and married, and they should be taken care of everywhere, which will make them bored and destroy the harmony of the family.

  9, hanging out with a group of fair-weather friends all day, going in and out of some romantic places, coveting pleasure, drinking and drinking, actually overdrawing your body.

  In a word, after retirement, we must plan our life well, understand what we can't do resolutely, and be strict and self-disciplined. Do you think it makes sense? Welcome to chat in the comment area.