The old man bought a car and a house for his son, but he didn't want to get sick. His son couldn't even pay a penny.

  The old man bought a car and a house for his son, but he didn't want to get sick. His son couldn't even pay a penny.

  Cousin Anning is 54 years old and lives in the urban-rural fringe. There are six rooms on the second floor at home. Life in their village is also one of the best. All this stems from cousin Anning's ability to endure hardships and Shi Yun's frugality. Cousin Anning is a cart driver. When he had no money, he ran long-distance transportation in a logistics company. This job is hard and dangerous, but the income is ok. Cousin Anning worked outside for ten years, but he still saved a lot of money. He was quite familiar with the industry himself, and he also had savings in his own hands, so he thought about buying a car and starting to go it alone. At this time, Cousin Shi Yun also rented out the house rent and followed Cousin Anning to run the "husband and wife car" all over the country to take care of it. Cousin Anning on the road will always remind her if she is tired of driving, and accompany her to talk. You can also cook for cousin Anning in the car, which saves money and does not delay time.

  The couple worked for ten years. At this time, their son was in his twenties. Because he didn't go to college, cousin Anning asked him to follow the car and change his fifty-year-old wife, Shi Yun, to go home. After all, my son is a young man and very smart. After half a year, he became familiar with the whole distribution route and industry rules. Cousin Anning is very pleased, and plans to go home for the elderly after a few more years. When the time comes, the cart together with his contacts will be handed over to his son. Son can take less detours. However, Shi Yun's cousin didn't think so. She said to cousin Anning, "My son is only twenty-five years old. Without your watch, once he goes out to drink with friends, something will happen, so he can't give the car to him before he marries his wife." "I often tell him that driving a big car is taboo to drink, and the other is taboo to drive fatigue. He knows that it is dangerous." "I am afraid that my friends will be hard to pull, and I am still uncertain in my twenties. When I have a daughter-in-law to take care of him, it is not too late for us to give him the car." Cousin Anning felt that it made sense, and the couple began to force marriage. At the same time, they mobilized relatives and friends to introduce their sons.

  The son also knows that if he doesn't marry his wife, his parents will always have to worry about him. For parents to start dating, a girl in a neighboring village was soon attracted by cousin Anning's son. This girl is very beautiful and has no formal job. She is a shop assistant. This is just what cousin Anning wants, and it can let the young couple run long distances. After talking about marriage for a year, the woman suggested that she didn't want to live with her parents-in-law after marriage. This makes cousin Anning a little embarrassed. His family has six rooms on the second floor, so he has a son. How can he live enough? Moreover, his family is only five kilometers away from the city, and the transportation is convenient. It can be reached by bus for one yuan. Why do you have to go to the city to buy a house? Besides, these six houses at home are on the roadside and belong to the scope of old city reconstruction. It has long been noisy to move. If it is really relocated, there will be several houses, not only the son has a building, but also the grandson's house.

  Now when you go to the city to buy a house, you have to take out all your savings at home and eat whole grains. What if you get sick? I still have a car at home, so I need money in case something happens. Thinking of this, Cousin Anning discussed with his son and girlfriend: "Xin Wang, uncle and aunt are such a son, and all the property in the future will be yours. Look, there are six second floors at home. You can choose whichever floor you want to live in." "We have saved some money over the years, but it is really unnecessary to buy a house. When you get married, my uncle plans to buy you a car with a price of 100,000 yuan, and it is convenient for you to go anywhere." Cousin Anning said frankly to his son and girlfriend. "My girlfriends buy houses in the city when they get married. None of them live in the countryside. It's not just a travel problem. In the future, if they have a baby, they have to go to kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school. Choose a good school. Is there such a condition in the countryside?" The girl plausibly said to cousin Anning. "You go to take a ticket first, and my uncle promises you that I will definitely buy you a car when the certificate comes down, and then you can pick up and drop off your children to school." Cousin Anning said. "The car should be paid for the bride price, and the house should be bought. We can't live in the countryside when we get married, and it's hard to warm up in winter." The girl said bluntly. When cousin Anning saw it, he couldn't say any more. On second thought, I have only one son, so I'd better satisfy them.

  So I took out all my savings and bought a house in the city for my son. The house has been bought, because I promised to buy a car for my daughter-in-law, and my daughter-in-law can always remember it. However, the clean water house I bought had to be renovated, which completely disrupted cousin Anning's plan. When the daughter-in-law asked for a car, cousin Anning had no money in his hand. You can't break up for a car when everything is ready, so cousin Anning borrowed money from his brother and bought a car for his daughter-in-law after all. In this way, my son got married smoothly, and on the wedding day, he received a gift of more than 50 thousand yuan. Because cousin Anning has been strong all his life, and he has never had a famine when he was in trouble. Now I owe foreign debts, which are too heavy for my cousin Anning to lift his head. Therefore, my cousin Anning returned the gift money to his younger brother, and he still needs 50,000 yuan to settle it at the end of the year.

  Unexpectedly, cousin Anning caused strong dissatisfaction with her daughter-in-law and thought that the money should belong to the young couple. This time, Cousin Anning and Cousin Shi Yun did not compromise. Cousin Anning reprimanded his son: "Don't be too greedy. In order to get married for you, the family has no money, and your uncle has borrowed more than 100,000 yuan. Your uncle is not rich, so he can help you. The money for the gift should be returned as soon as possible." My son bowed his head and said nothing. Cousin Anning had a heavy burden on his shoulders. After his son's wedding, he continued to start sports cars without a break. But this time, he obviously felt exhausted, and he didn't eat much on the way. He barely ate and didn't digest. When his son saw that his father often covered his stomach, he drove to the service area to have a rest. However, there is a time limit for distribution. Cousin Anning gritted his teeth and insisted on running this job. When he got home, he went to the hospital for examination. The result came out. Cousin Anning suffered from stomach cancer. Because of the early discovery and cousin Anning's good physical fitness, the doctor said that there is still a chance for hand surgery, and if you can cooperate with the treatment in time in the later period, as long as you don't move, you can live for three or five years. Despite his family's efforts to hide it from him, cousin Anning knew that he was very resistant when his family was preparing to raise money to arrange for him to be hospitalized. Shi Yun's wife knew that he didn't want to be cured, but worried that there was no money at home.

  In order not to let cousin Anning get angry, cousin Shi Yun went back to her mother's house and asked her brother to borrow money, but her brother-in-law excused herself from buying a house for her son. When cousin Anning knew about it, he secretly shed tears and thought about how good he had been to his brother-in-law, who had nothing to do all day. It was the job he introduced. My brother-in-law's house was built, and he had a good life at that time, so he took out 10 thousand yuan to support him at once. Now that she is in trouble, her brother-in-law and daughter-in-law look on coldly, not afraid that she will not be able to get on. When there was no way out, Shi Yun's cousin called her daughter-in-law, and frankly told her daughter-in-law that she had no money to see a doctor at home, and her relatives could not borrow it at home. The daughter-in-law is still angry about the gift money, and said indifferently, "We just got married and have no money. You'd better find a way yourself."

  Cousin Anning was so angry that he told his wife Shi Yun to call her son directly and ask him to find a way. My son faltered for a long time and didn't promise to send money. Cousin Anning answered the phone and said word for word, "I paid the full price for buying a house in order to make you have a good life. I also paid for the decoration, and I borrowed the money for buying a car. Now I am sick and need money, and there is no money at home. Are you just watching me wait for S?" "It's not that I don't want to care. We don't have much money. You can't use thousands of dollars for this disease." The son explained. Cousin Anning knows that his son is not lying. He only has a few thousand sports car tolls in his pocket, and all the money at home should be in the hands of his daughter-in-law. But he is not qualified to ask his daughter-in-law for money. After much reasoning, he made a decision. Tell my son that his illness can't wait. Originally, the doctor said that it was lucky to find it early. Therefore, he intends to sell the cart and use it as the pre-treatment expenses. If it is not enough, he will also sell six second floors, and then go out to rent a house with his wife Shi Yun, or buy two houses to earn the difference for treatment.

  My son and daughter-in-law were dumbfounded when they heard this. Selling the cart means that my son is facing unemployment, and selling the house means that the rich family property is gone. These houses are relocation areas. The price is not cheap. As soon as the young couple discussed it, it really forced cousin Anning to do so. It was a loss, and she quickly took 50,000 yuan to send it. Cousin Anning was hospitalized in time. During this period, his son's father-in-law and mother came to visit, and Shi Yun's wife took her mother outside to say that she was ill. Cousin Anning was chatting with her in-laws in the house. My in-laws said, "I didn't educate my daughter well, so I formally apologize to you." "Nothing, young people are like that, and we parents don't care." Cousin Anning said weakly. "It's all my wife's spoil. My daughter is too selfish. I criticized her this morning. Please tell me if my daughter is muddy again."

  My in-laws are sincere. "I can't get used to my daughter-in-law. My son is unfilial." "You don't protect them, are unfilial. I will always tell these two children. " The two in-laws were chatting, and the son and daughter-in-law came with nutrition, and the daughter-in-law was still carrying a thermos pot. It is said that it is millet porridge cooked for my father-in-law, and braised pork that my father-in-law likes to eat. Shi Yun's wife was happy and praised her daughter-in-law's skill. In front of both parents, the son and daughter-in-law said that although the father was at ease to recover from illness, the young couple would go to the sports car together to make more money and pay off the uncle's foreign debt. The rest is left to the father to cure the disease. The daughter-in-law's father said, "It is only natural that your parents raise you young and your adoptive parents are old."