With these actions, men just want you to break up with him. This is the routine!

  Since ancient times, you can't leave deep feelings. It's just a process of taking the right path, to put it bluntly. Some people have decided the road for a period of time, and some people have decided your life. The same is true of feelings. Every time you think of him, he will think of you. When you need him, he needs you, too. When feelings don't last, women may cry, perhaps very sad, and say that they want to break up voluntarily. Men don't often do this. It is better to say that she has taken various actions to make a woman give up and ask her to be inhuman. In fact, this method of a man is a routine. This method is called "forcing you to break up". With these actions, a man just wants you to break up with him. This is the routine!

  Hua Ge, 23 years old, unmarried: I deliberately let you know that he has an unclear relationship with other women. Men are clumsy in love, but they are smart when they want to pursue you and abandon you. When it comes to routes, my predecessor is a waste wood man with many routes. I am a woman with mysophobia, and the most unforgivable thing is the betrayal of men. This predecessor is also very clear. I think he was not very good to me for a while, and I treated him well. I saw him talking and laughing with other girls, so I lied that he was working overtime. Then, in his WeChat circle of friends, I saw that he often praised a girl. I immediately knew that he betrayed me. I broke up with him angrily. Later, I learned that he had nothing with that woman, because he didn't love me. However, I didn't want to break up first, so I decided to be a woman in this way.

  Zhiqiu, 30 years old, married for 4 years: cold to you, always angry, and don't want to spend money for you. Before marriage, I had a boyfriend, and we were together for nearly three years. Once, he went out on a business trip for a week, and when he came back, the whole person changed. He became very cold to me, and my needs were unreasonable. More importantly, he often gave me lucky money. When shopping, he would buy clothes and cosmetics himself. I have been asking him what happened. He only said three words, "It doesn't matter". There is nothing sadder than a dead heart. Then, after we were together for three years, he didn't say anything about getting married. My heart died slowly, and I took the initiative to break up. Unexpectedly, he readily agreed at this time. Less than a month after breaking up, he took a woman to the mall talking and laughing. At that time, I was surprised. Before breaking up with him, they were together. Everything he did was to ask me to break up. But it doesn't matter. I also met my later husband. It's just that the rules of men's breaking up are really cheap. If you don't like it, I'll make it clear that everyone often gets together to break up. Why do you do that?

  @ Tears of an Angel, 42 years old, in the relationship between men and women, a man's biggest heart is cruel, not hitting you and scolding you, but indifferent violence. After my ex-husband cheated on me, I would do it. I don't know if he was with another woman at that time, but I thought I was doing well there. Anyway, whatever I did, he thought it was bad, and I didn't look good all day. Therefore, we quarreled every day. I know that after the divorce, he had already raised another woman outside. What I don't want him to know is that when he was afraid of divorce, it was his fault. Therefore, he used such a parting way to force him to break up. To tell the truth, I am no longer young. If you really don't want to spend your life with me, please make it clear that he made a mistake himself and made me the culprit.