Fifteen years ago, the old couple mixed doubles with their granddaughter. Fifteen years later, the daughter-in-law: Take your son with you.

  As the saying goes, everyone is human, no matter who he is, he can't avoid making mistakes since he was a child.

  Parents will teach us that when we make a mistake and hurt others, we should sincerely admit our mistakes, accept punishment, take responsibility, say "I'm sorry" to others and ask for forgiveness. If we are hurt, we should be generous, and when others have apologized, we should be generous enough to reply "It doesn't matter" and make peace.

  I'm sorry and it doesn't matter. These two words are integrated and causal.

  However, as Dong Qing once said, "Some things are not worth forgiving, and it has nothing to do with size."

  Not all apologies can be exchanged for a sentence that doesn't matter, because some injuries go deep into the bone marrow, leaving people with scars that are difficult to heal. As long as I think about this matter, my heart is dull and it is difficult to let go. No matter how much you say you're sorry, you can't erase the harm you've done to others.

  Moreover, some people apologize because they really realize their mistakes, sincerely hope to be forgiven by the other party, and are willing to bear the consequences and pay the price for their actions. Being brave in taking responsibility is also a basic requirement for people.

  However, some people choose to apologize, and their hearts are not sincere at all. As for the purpose, it is very simple. As long as the other party says "It doesn't matter" and no longer cares about this matter, he doesn't have to pay any price for his fault and accept any punishment. A light "I'm sorry" can make you pay nothing, even if you are unwilling to say it.

  If the other party doesn't forgive him and insists that he pay the price for his actions, he can stand on the commanding heights of morality and accuse the other party of haggling over every ounce and not being generous enough. Why can he not forgive him and bring in a group of people who don't understand the situation or feel that he is morally noble and suitable for educating others?

  Han Han once said: "If you don't understand, shut up;" If you understand, then you should shut up all the more. Because you never know what others have experienced. "

  If you don't know how to shut up and stand on the moral high ground and accuse others, it is undoubtedly adding salt to other people's wounds.

  01. I think it doesn't matter if I'm too modest, unfilial or virtuous. Let me forgive your parents and dream your dreams!

  "It's been 15 years, why can't you let it go? Still hate my parents? These 15 years, I have been kind to your mother and daughter for nothing. Can't you be generous and honor my parents for my sake? "

  After listening to the accusation of her husband, Mr. Cao's righteous words, Sister Sun rudely scolded back: "I am not generous enough, I am not filial, I am not a good wife, I am not a good wife, ok, I recognize all these reputations." How? What can you do to me? I tell you, either you ask your parents not to appear in front of me again, and we can make do with it, or you fuck off with your parents, and we divorce, divide the property and never see each other again. However, I remind you that when you are old, ask for more happiness, and your daughter will honor you, but it will not be too good for you. "

  Hearing his wife, Sister Sun, Mr. Cao was so angry that he complained to his relatives and friends.

  Some people don't comment on the specific situation and don't say a word; Some people came to see Sister Sun, found out what happened, chose to stand on Sister Sun's side, and scolded Mr. Cao as a dog's blood. Some people, especially Mr. Cao's relatives, know what's going on, and still try to oppress others with filial piety and ask Sister Sun to be generous.

  For those relatives who are generous with her, Sister Sun is not afraid. She scolds one after another, and all the family members will scold her back.

  "That poor old couple! My daughter is not poor! When they bullied my daughter, they should have thought of this day. Poor, right? Then you are merciful, take people to your home, eat and drink, and entertain them. Isn't it pitiful? "

  "Why let you take it back? You are so kind and compassionate, how can you bear to see two old people unattended? "

  "A dozen don't call things? Well, I'll give you a beating, and you'll never exist, will you? I beat your son, will you tell me with a smile and just beat him? "

  02. Dare to beat my daughter for a toy, and I will remember them all my life;

  What happened 15 years ago that made Sister Sun so angry that she would rather fall out with her husband and relatives than accept her in-laws?

  "I have been married to my husband for 27 years. At that time, we got married without thinking so much, such as going to see a man's family, and didn't pay attention to the idea of son preference. We just got married by looking at each other's suitability. When I gave birth to my daughter, I found out how terrible it was to have in-laws who preferred sons to daughters. "

  Mr. Cao's parents have two sons and two daughters, who seriously prefer boys to girls. They have ruined their two daughters for the marriage of their two sons, and they are even more unfair to their grandchildren.

  After learning that Sister Sun gave birth to a daughter, Mr. Cao's parents were very angry. Not only did they refuse to take care of Sister Sun's confinement, but they also scolded her at home every day, which caused Sister Sun to cry several times during her confinement and left her with the disease of the moon.

  When the daughter was half a year old, Mr. Cao's younger brother had a son, which made Mr. Cao's parents so happy that they immediately went to the younger son's house to wait on the little daughter-in-law to take care of her baby.

  Sister Sun not only has to work, earn money to support her family, but also has to take care of her daughter. Life is very difficult. Fortunately, my daughter is clever and sensible, and Mr. Cao is also family-oriented, and the days can still go on.

  However, when her daughter was 9 years old, her in-laws did something that made Sister Sun hate them.

  "That was during the Chinese New Year. My in-laws and brother in law's family also came back to their hometown for the Chinese New Year. After they came back, they lived in my house and used me as a free nanny, letting me do this and that. I can still bear it. However, they actually mixed doubles for my daughter for a toy. Do you think any mother can stand it? "

  The most exasperating thing is that this toy was awarded to her daughter by Sister Sun for the sake of her winning the first prize in the exam. brother in law's son saw it and wanted to grab it. Her daughter regarded the toy as a treasure and refused to give it, so the two men argued.

  It is normal for children to fight, and adults do not need to intervene. However, brother in law's son began to cry, and when his in-laws saw it, one of them kicked it directly, and the other picked up a broom, so he mixed doubles with his 9-year-old granddaughter.

  "I didn't know what they would do to my daughter if there weren't many people at home and relatives pulling them and making a lot of noise."

  03. Your parents bully your daughter, but you let them come home to support the elderly and let me serve them? You can also fuck off;

  Seeing that her daughter was bullied, Sister Sun immediately became angry, picked up something and smashed it, leaving the house in a mess and taking her daughter back to her parents' house.

  After that, as long as the in-laws went back to their hometown for the New Year, Sister Sun went back to her parents' home for the New Year, refusing to live under the same roof with her in-laws, and letting her in-laws complain to her relatives.

  However, Sun Dajie didn't expect that 15 years ago, the old couple mixed doubles with their granddaughter. Fifteen years later, they had the cheek to show up at Sun Dajie's door with their luggage without saying hello, saying that they would move in, and then spend the rest of their lives with Sun Dajie and his wife, so that Sun Dajie could provide for their retirement and fulfill their filial piety.

  Sister Sun questioned her husband, Mr. Cao. Sure enough, Mr. Cao was informed and agreed to his parents' plan to come and support the elderly. The reason was that he was also a son and should honor his parents.

  "Your parents bully your daughter, but you let them come home for the aged and let me serve them? You can fuck off, too. "

  Then, Sister Sun pointed to the gate and said to her in-laws, "Take your son with you and let him wait on you!"

  The latest situation, Mr. Cao refused to divorce, Sun Dajie's in-laws refused to leave, and those relatives talked endlessly with Sun Dajie, making Sun Dajie feel helpless. When Sister Sun's daughter learned about it, she gave her advice. So Sister Sun left her hometown by car and went to her daughter's place when people were not paying attention.

  "My man knows where his daughter is in the city, but he doesn't know her specific address. He made several phone calls and questioned her. Her daughter told him to honor his grandparents. When his grandparents are gone, he will come to her to provide for the elderly and serve people. He did it himself! I guess, he is so angry at home! It's none of my business. I live with my daughter now and I'm too lazy to pay attention to him. "

  04. If you really don't want to forgive, there is no need to wronged yourself.

  Yi Shu once said: Life is only a few decades, and the most important thing is to satisfy yourself, not please others.

  Forgiveness is the victim's unique right. If you don't forgive him, just follow your heart. If you really don't want to forgive, don't wronged yourself.

  Can you advise people who like to eat melons to mind their mouths? If the board doesn't hit you, you don't know the pain and don't understand the feelings of the victim. So, shut up and don't sprinkle salt on other people's wounds, okay?

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