My ex-boyfriend's wife knelt down in public and asked me to give birth to her husband's son?


  It is said that girls who live alone are vulnerable groups, and this time I really experienced it.

  Recently, I always feel that someone is following me.

  Especially when I got off work at night, I clearly heard a rustling sound behind me, followed by my footsteps, but when I looked back, there was nothing but passers-by who were in a hurry.

  I once suspected that it was an illusion caused by too much work pressure recently.

  Recently, the company is catching up with a new project, and it is inevitable to work overtime every day.

  It's still the same today. It's already 11 o'clock in the evening when I come out of the office building.

  I just had a snack. I'm going to walk back along the overpass and help myself.

  However, the familiar footsteps behind me made me alert again.

  The sound is getting closer and closer to me, and I can even hear the shortness of breath in my ear.


  I suddenly turned my head and flashed my wolf-proof artifact, ready to go.

  There was no time to escape, so the woman was exposed to me off guard.


  "It's me, Swallow!" The woman rushed to give her name.

  The movement in my hand stopped.

  This face looks familiar, but I can't remember where I met it.

  I remember.

  It's a WeChat friend I passed a while ago. It seems to be selling health care products. Last time, I was recommended to help me with pregnancy products.

  I have to say, some Wechat business really have no lower limit on IQ, and this business has come to the fore, and they don't know their precise target customers.

  If I hadn't known in advance, I suspected that she was selling dog skin plasters.

  "It must be you who followed me a few days ago! If you follow me around like this, I'll call the police. " My tone is impatient.

  "No, Yue Lin, I want to talk to you." Swallows leaned in, their eyes full of pleading.

  Oh! Even my real name has been found out. It seems that I have worked hard on me. I really despise this woman.

  "I told you, I am single, and I don't need your product for the time being." I can't remember how many times I turned her down.

  Unexpectedly, the swallow said, "You should know Liu Haibo!"


  Liu Haibo was my first love and my ideal boyfriend.

  From the age of 19 to 26, we talked for eight years, including three years in different places.

  It was not until the second half of 2015 that we finally transferred our work to the same city.

  I always think that we have gone through eight years of ups and downs, and our feelings can stand the test completely.

  We both think that we will always be happy-if it is not what happened later.

  On Labor Day in 2016, two parents came to the city where we worked to discuss the wedding.

  My mother asked for a bride price of 160,000 yuan, but Liu Haibo's mother was so stingy that she didn't even want to pay a penny. She wanted us to get married on the spot and save those red tape.

  After all, I still want to save money.

  When my mother saw that his family was penniless, she pulled down her face on the spot and the atmosphere was once dignified.

  Liu Haibo's mother still proudly said, anyway, the uncooked rice has been cooked, so how can it drip?

  This sentence is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire, and my mother's eyes can't kill me.

  It's all because of Liu Haibo's bad idea that she lied to both parents that I was pregnant and we wanted to get married early.

  Later, the two parents had a physical conflict in the hotel, and the security guard couldn't stop them. In the end, the hotel manager said that he would call the police to settle things.

  The way Liu Haibo always stood in front of his mother made me very disappointed.

  I don't think he has me in his heart.

  My mother poked me in the head and said, such a mother-in-law, you won't be killed if you marry in the past.

  In this way, a good marriage collapsed in the infighting contest between two mothers.

  I broke up with Liu Haibo in a fit of pique.


  After breaking up, I lived in a daze, dreaming that maybe one day Liu Haibo would go back and ask for a reunion.

  I've made plans. If he will bow his head first, I'll marry him naked.

  Fuck the bride price, even the wedding. I don't want it. I just want Liu Haibo.

  But Liu Haibo's call never appeared on my mobile phone, and neither did WeChat.

  Three months later, when I saw the news of his marriage in a circle of friends, the whole person froze.

  Eight years of love! I haven't struggled out of this love, and it's ironic that people moved on so quickly.

  It's a pity that he didn't invite me, otherwise I would definitely smash the venue and make him restless.

  I said I didn't care, but I made an appointment with three or five friends, got drunk and cried and scolded Liu Haibo, the love rat.

  In a blink of an eye, six years have passed. I heard that Liu Haibo even gave birth to a second child, but I'm alone now.

  During the period, I also talked about a few, but none of them were in tune with my three views, so that they were mixed to the point of "staying in the sky."

  Every time I come home for the New Year, when I am alone, my mother always scolds Liu Haibo, saying that he is unfaithful and has delayed my youth.

  Turning around, she sighed at my dad again. "Well, if we hadn't insisted on the 160 thousand bride price, maybe we would have been grandparents."

  My mother has always felt sorry for me, thinking that her original strength broke up my marriage.

  And I have long understood the truth that a lover who doesn't know how to cherish is not a lover.


  In the 24-hour coffee shop near my home, I sat face to face with Swallow.

  "I am Liu Haibo's wife." The swallow broke the silence and carefully observed my face.

  I looked at the woman in front of me carefully. She was physically strong, freckled, dull-faced, and dull-eyed ... I believed a middle-aged greasy aunt who said she was Liu Haibo.

  However, the swallow's lack of gas field does not seem to declare sovereignty.

  "It's none of my business!" I responded angrily, "I have nothing to do with him for a long time!" "

  Swallow's visit reminded me of the dusty past in my heart.

  After so many years, I still feel confused when I turn it out again.

  I don't understand what I am worse than this woman.

  But it is such an ugly woman who stole my first love and gave birth to two children to Liu Haibo.

  "I know that you have never married, are you still thinking about Liu Haibo?" Swallow hit me right on the spot.

  In my opinion, this sentence is more like naked provocation.

  "Sick!" I snorted angrily and got up to leave.

  Unexpectedly, the swallow "plopped" and knelt in front of me. "You can't leave!"