Being a woman shows that she won't love you anymore.

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  The tacit understanding between adults, no one cares about taking the initiative when the relationship continues, and no one wants to take the initiative when the relationship ends.

  Some people, walking away, love and love stop.

  Through the lush years and the abnormal dream of Huangliang, I realized that no one's departure was a sudden decision, and all the withdrawals were premeditated.

  The book "Psychology of Love" is the work of honey, a well-known expert on gender emotional problems.

  Honey herself is one of the main representatives of the psychoanalytic school, which is as famous as Adler, Jung and Fromm.

  In the book Psychology of Love, Honey gives detailed analysis and explanation and guidance on the definition of love, the establishment of relationship, combination, breakup, betrayal, divorce, deception, management and so on.

  Among them, the book "Love Psychology" has such a sentence:

  Your so-called love may be just infatuation!

  When we combine this sentence and see that some spoony women will give up a man with no amount of disappointment, you will know:

  At that moment, the woman finally woke up. She finally stopped indulging in her own infatuation, and finally said goodbye to a relationship that made her no longer expect to be empty and sad.

  At the moment of reality, I don't know how many people give women a certain "material" hat. In fact, the overwhelming majority of women only identify from the emotional component.

  The premise is that when a man can't give women the feeling of being loved, in order to prove that they are loved, they will define the degree of being loved by the material requirements in their mouths.

  In fact, the vast majority of women, the material is only in their mouths, and they just want three words in their hearts: together!

  Adults, material women who really have one heart and one mind, have no feelings for you at all. And those women who talk about material things but want the least in the end are the ones who are dead set on being with you all their lives.

  A woman who doesn't love you won't leave you as long as you give her money. A woman who loves you, even if you give her a lot of money, will stop thinking about being with you if you don't make her feel healthy and loved.

  If you have carefully studied the book "Psychology of Love", you will have a very profound understanding of the following passage of Honey according to the actual psychology of women's affection:

  The end of feelings is to break up and divorce.

  When people who made vows of eternal love at first decided not to love, it was with this ending that they gave each other a deep burial of their past hugs, kisses, intimacy and promises.

  For a affectionate woman, who can let go if she always feels loved? After all, I still love you, don't I?

  So, don't walk away from the woman who really wants to love you for life. Lost, is a lifetime of no intersection.

  When a woman, there is such a performance: it means that she will not love you anymore!

  When a woman is still in love, even a little thing will be "melodramatic". When it comes to big things, it is even more important to keep sending messages and staying up all night to argue with men about right and wrong.

  When a woman is silent and quiet, don't doubt:

  She has had the idea of leaving.

  When a woman has left your sight and you can't find her, please remember:

  It's hard for her to come back.

  Once a woman falls in love, she will be overloaded, but after all, the relationship has a purpose. When giving and returning, and responding to your own perception is too unbalanced, the joy that is full of recognition will be replaced by loss, disappointment, sadness, etc.

  If this perception lasts for a long time and there are more superimposed negative perceptions, women will give up. I once loved deeply, but now I have decided not to love again!

  As Honey wrote in the book Psychology of Love: What does love mean to you?

  When a woman repeatedly asks herself what the current emotional relationship and the man in front of her mean to herself, she is basically awake because she can't see "what".

  Some men are extremely paranoid that women can't get used to it, so they should give her some color to see.

  However, in the end, you find that those men who are hard on women finally remember how good women are after they really leave, but they can't find them anymore.

  In the book Psychology of Love, there are the following two sentences:

  Don't measure each other with your own ruler;

  Men and women are completely different in feelings!

  Through these two sentences, when you look at the thinking of paranoid men, you will find that women's departure is really "correct". Because, paranoid men are only willing to label women, and they don't really love women from the heart.

  In this case, women wake up early and redeem themselves early, so why bother to be a wronged ghost in front of a paranoid man? If the men around you are so "unaccustomed" to you, you should also learn to stop in time.

  I didn't know until I read The Psychology of Love:

  Between men and women, every stage of getting to know each other, getting along and staying together is a test of human nature.

  However, we don't like the evil of human nature and do nothing about it. There is no other way to make this wrong relationship develop according to one's own will except to escape quickly when one feels sadness and pain are greater than happiness.

  If you really love each other, don't step on taboos to get along. If you don't love, leave early. Through reality, humanity, psychology and other dimensions, we can get the enlightenment and vigilance of self-management.

  When a person re-recognizes himself and his relationship, he will understand that the important thing is whether you have chosen the right person to enjoy the present and imagine the future in contentment.

  Everyone has negative emotions, and when you are willing to put them aside, you can not be bound by them. In the end, it depends on whether you are willing to do that!


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