Old people who live to 60 to 70 years old should avoid these stupid things so that they will not be humiliated in their later years.

  What people pursue in their later years should not be the length of life, but the quality of life.

  From the age of 60, I was paralyzed, and I was sick in bed until I was 90. These 30 years are like a vegetative life, which is meaningless. On the other hand, if you live to 80 years old healthily, the quality of life in your later years is particularly high, so there is no regret.

  It is better to live to 80 years old with high quality than to live to 100 years old with low quality. When you are 60, you can still travel and walk around. When he is 60, he can't take care of himself. Isn't this the gap in his later years?

  As mentioned in Zhuangzi, more men are more afraid, wealth is more eventful, and longevity is more humiliating.

  Generally speaking, if you have too many sons and are not responsible for upbringing, that child will scare your parents. If you have money and don't know how to keep a low profile, you will cause trouble. Life is long enough, but without quality, it will be humiliated.

  Old people aged 60 to 70 should avoid these stupid things, so that they will not be humiliated in their later years.

  First, avoid meddling and being rejected.

  As the saying goes, "Children and grandchildren have their own blessings, so don't be a horse and cow for them."

  The older generation has the tasks and missions of the older generation, while the younger generation has the pursuit and freedom of the younger generation. It is good for that generation to manage the affairs of one generation, and let the young people solve the affairs of the next generation.

  This truth, the old man knows, but he just can't do it. They all think that they are elders, and the younger generation should listen to their elders. Then they will impose their wishes on the younger generation.

  The more the elders oppress and meddle in their affairs, the more the younger generation resists and opposes the elders. It is not the younger generation who suffer, but the elders who can't recognize the reality and mind their own business.

  Say something unpleasant, meddle in the end, and your children will pull out the oxygen tube in minutes. We also don't want to be eccentric and indifferent. We can only say that it is good for them to solve the children's problems themselves.

  When people are old, they care more about what they eat today and where to go for a walk. Being yourself is the key.

  Second, avoid being forced by others and not understanding.

  Last year, Uncle Yang at the village entrance had a big fight with his son. The son also said that the future will not care about his life and death. Sure enough, Yang Shusheng was hospitalized this year, and the children ignored him, even his wife favored his son.

  Why don't sons and wives care about Yang Shu's life and death? Because Yang Shuqiang forced the child to take out 200,000 yuan to help him decorate the old house. If the child can't come up with 200,000 yuan, Yang Shu said that he has no ability and can't compare with other children.

  It was these words that attracted the hatred of children. Originally, there was no contradiction between father and son, but Yang Shu had to force himself, so the son and his wife had to go to the opposite side of him.

  Some old people, in fact, are very confused. They think they are elders and have the right to instruct others to do things. In fact, elders who don't understand future generations will eventually live alone.

  How well can a person live alone in his later years? Only when a family lives with Meimei, and you respect me and I respect you, can the quality of this family life be guaranteed.

  High-quality life in old age begins with understanding others and uniting people around you.

  Third, avoid light and heavy, too eccentric.

  As the saying goes, a bowl of water is flat. We have three or four children. Maybe we can't help every child, but we should make a bowl of water even.

  For example, all three children need help, and if we don't help any of them, the child won't resent his parents. I will also feel that other brothers and sisters are the same and psychologically balanced.

  On the other hand, if you are particularly partial to your younger son and don't help the other two children, the other two children will be unbalanced and have a grudge against you and your younger son. In this way, a family war is inevitable.

  There was an old man who lived with a deposit of 200,000 yuan and didn't give any money to his three children. Children not only don't complain, but also think that their parents have worked hard for many years and deserve to enjoy happiness.

  Human nature, not suffering from widowhood but suffering from inequality. Everyone can be poor, then everyone is psychologically balanced and will not envy or envy anyone. However, if you are rich and everyone is still poor, then everyone will be against you and will never die with you.

  As an elder in the family, you must know what you are doing, and you must not be confused and partial to someone for a while.

  Fourth, avoid being separated from home early and test human nature.

  Human nature, that can't stand the test. Just like, heroes are sad about beauty, and men are sad about money. Who won't sink into temptation with beauty and money?

  The same is true of the division of property. The old man has not yet divided his property, and everyone around him has special respect for him. Then they will please the old people and hope to get their own benefits from them.

  The old man has already divided his fortune. Without any oil and water, people around him will leave him and will not respect him. Without the attraction of interests, who will help the elderly to support the elderly?

  For the sake of the quality of life in old age, the older you get, the more you should have the wisdom to draw cakes. It is necessary to hint to people around you that in the future, everyone can get a share of the property.

  Countless families are seemingly harmonious, but in fact they all have their own ulterior motives. Everyone has his own small abacus, so we should use the weakness of human nature to help ourselves seek happiness in our later years.

  More checks and balances, knowing how to preserve one's health and save one's life, I think, will not be humiliated in my later years.

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