Xiao Huang and his friends

  My name is Xiao Huang, and this is my family. We are all members of the triangle fish family. We live in green water plants.

  Clownfish is my good friend and anemone is his home.

  The Cancer family is my good friend. Sometimes they play in the deep sea, and sometimes they play on the beach. They like to hide and seek in the rocks.

  Every weekend, I will play with purple sea urchin. They never prick me.

  Starfish and coral are inseparable. They are both my good friends. We often play the game "Who moves first", and the starfish always wins.

  Andy's dad's words:

  Andy likes painting, Andy likes sea world, Andy likes making friends, and Andy likes reading picture books. Therefore, Andy created his own picture book Xiao Huang and His Friends. He painted his own marine world and friendship and a beautiful world. Cicero said: "Friendship is nothing but a kind of harmony that connects all the worldly things with kindness and love." I hope that every child will meet real friends and gain sincere friendship on the road of growth.