Life should be experienced.


  Failure is not terrible. What is terrible is that you can't accept the blow of failure and have no courage to persist. How can life always be on the way? When you fall, those who have been walking in prosperity feel very strong.

  People who have no sense of crisis in life, as long as life gives them a little trouble, will collapse, and then they will not be able to get up for a long time. Some people may not be able to get up all their lives. Those who walk smoothly have no chance to undergo stress tests. A person who has never picked water can't afford to pick a basket of eggs. A person who has not passed the stress test can't expect him to survive after encountering stress.

  In prosperity, we should make ourselves feel a sense of crisis. Every flower has a hundred flowers, and no one will succeed. If we don't make ourselves stronger when life is smooth, we will be helpless in adversity. They say that if you teach people, you can't teach them a thousand times, but if you teach them once, you will learn.

  Sometimes, others have to go through the detours themselves, which may be called life experience.

  The sky is blue, the heart is warm, you are the best, thank you.


  Painting is self-painting, words are self-writing, make a friend, and look forward to seeing your figure in the next article. Let's get together in the next article and see you tomorrow.