Adaptability determines how far a person can go.

  Qian Mo De Shu Shuo 2023

  Adaptation determines your survival.

  Stephen Hawking once said: "Wisdom does not determine your survival and adaptability."

  We will face all kinds of challenges in life.

  And adaptability is the necessary weapon for us to face these challenges.


  /What are the performances of people with high stress? /

  People with high stress can quickly accept new things and adapt to the new environment.

  They are willing to accept challenges and are good at seizing opportunities.

  Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon. He successfully transformed the company from an online book selling website into the largest e-commerce platform in the world. Subsequently, the company expanded its business to cloud computing, digital entertainment and other fields.

  This ability to adapt and guide market changes makes Amazon one of the most successful companies in the world.

  People with high stress can control and adjust their emotions.

  In the face of pressure and challenges, they will not be overly anxious and afraid, but will be able to remain calm and rational.

  As American President Roosevelt famously said, "The only thing we need to fear is fear itself."

  People with high stress have the ability to solve problems.

  They can find their own position and direction in an uncertain environment, they look for opportunities in changes and solutions in difficulties.


  /How do ordinary people improve their adaptability? /

  Everyone's adaptability is cultivated and accumulated in different life experiences, and gradually there is a difference between high and low.

  The higher the adaptability, the easier it is for people to take the initiative in life.

  How to improve the quotient? Try the following methods.

  Establish a positive attitude

  In life, we can't be happy with everything, so we can only adapt to everything.

  In prosperity, keep a low profile and don't lose yourself; In adversity, adjust your mentality and don't deny yourself.

  People with inflexible hearts can't stand the trouble and start their own lives.

  People with good psychological flexibility can live any day and live the glory of life.

  Continuous learning

  "People with growth mentality think that their abilities can be developed, not fixed."

  Improving adaptability requires us to keep learning and constantly improve our knowledge and skills to adapt to new technologies and new environments.

  Constantly seeking innovation and change

  Many times, it is not the current situation that limits our life development, but the dependence on the familiar environment.

  Life never follows someone's wishes, and change is eternal.

  It takes courage to seek novelty, and change may fail, but if you dare to change, life will be more possible.

  People who really achieve something will never be satisfied with the status quo, but will break the situation by taking the initiative to seek innovation and change.


  /Try to do the following things/

  In addition, trying to do the following things will help you become a person with high stress:

  Be able to keep calm enough in the face of difficulties;

  Keep calm in case of unexpected events;

  Can accept the fact that everything will change;

  Able to quickly accept and integrate new information;

  Even if you fail, you can get something from it;

  Can look at problems from different angles;

  Be flexible and creative;

  Able to respond to changes in a flexible way, and willing to constantly try new methods.

  Su Shi has a saying: "I wonder if Lingnan should be bad, but I say: this peace of mind is my hometown."

  Although some changes in our life are irreversible, we can still go further through constant self-improvement and adaptation.

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