Everyone has his own life.


  Today, in my spare time, my colleague and I went to his relatives' company.

  Relatives of colleagues, who look younger than me, run a chip middleman at a young age.

  In the process of chatting, I found that my colleagues' relatives are more mature than my colleagues. From the eyes, I feel that this relative is much more mature.

  He is younger than us and looks more mature than us.


  The reason is that one is to run his own business as a boss, and the other is to help the boss work.

  Therefore, being a boss will definitely think a lot more than being an employee.

  Therefore, whether a person is mature or not is related to his own experience. Without experiencing the ups and downs of the times, I simply don't understand the difficulty and ease of this world.

  If you don't understand the world, you will look immature.


  People really need to experience most things in this world. In fact, you don't have to experience it deliberately, because any choice you make is already slowly experiencing the difficulties and ease of this world.

  It's your choice. If you don't want to experience the difficulties of this world, you should be hanged easily by this society all your life. If your family has inexhaustible wealth for generations, it's another matter.

  When experiencing this society, people always have differences, and everyone has his own life.

  How do people have their own lives?

  In fact, it is very simple. If you do the same thing, different people will get different results.

  Just like ten years after graduation, someone just keeps doing the same job. Some people jump around without a professional job. Some people jump around, but they can jump to the same line and reach the top. Some people are in the family business, while others are still struggling.

  Therefore, everyone has his own life.

  Some people look immature, others look mature, and the difference is different experiences.

  Everyone has his own life, not to believe that life is like this and there is no need to change it. I believe that everyone is different, so everything I do is to live well in the future.

  Everyone has his own life.

  Whether you live well now or not has nothing to do with others, but only with your ultimate goal.

  If you feel that life is not good now, then experience everything that the world gives off, including suffering and happiness.

  You think you are living well now, so experience the beauty that this world has given you, because you are happy.

  Everyone has his own life. The state you are in now is not necessarily the state of your life. You must learn to make your life wonderful, instead of being listless.

  Everyone has his own life. You may gain something in the later days, and you may not gain anything in the later days. Either way, you need to get energy from all directions positively. Because it can make you move forward slowly.

  Maybe, you will compare with others. It doesn't matter. See if you want what others have, and if so, strive for it.

  Comparison is not to add to your troubles. Instead, we need to get a kind of power of "why others can" from others, and through this power, we can copy it to ourselves. Then you can get the material or spirit you want through your own efforts.

  Everyone has his own life, and you are your life. There is no need to worry about why others are good, because in fact, you can be good. How good is it? As long as you want, you can have 100 times.


  Follow your inner feelings


  Believe in everything.


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