Lin Weiyin said: Only people with similar souls can see your inner beauty and deserve the rest of your life.

  Author: Nalan Tanger

  Lin Weiyin said: Only people who are connected with each other can resonate to see the ebb and flow of the world; Only people with similar souls can see the beauty hidden inside each other.

  Yes, gold is easy to get, but a bosom friend is hard to find.

  The most beautiful and unforgettable first meeting in the world is nothing more than meeting you for the first time in the vast sea of people, but you seem to be an old friend; Or when the golden wind and jade dew meet, they will win but there are countless people in the world.

  Whether it is love or friendship, only when the three views are consistent and the soul is in harmony can they become each other's soul mates.

  The mountains and rivers meet bosom friends, and Yu Boya meets Zhong Ziqi on the piano. Later, he died of illness. After Yu Boya heard about it, he broke the phoenix tail cold in heptachord. Who was he not playing at? Their story has become an eternal story.

  There are few cups for every bosom friend, so there is a beautiful talk of He Zhizhang exchanging wine for Li Bai's scarab.

  Gu Zhenguan was down and out in the first half of his life, and only when he met Nalan Rong Ruo could he be angry with his clothes, harp and singing.

  After Qian Zhongshu met Yang Jiang, he never thought about marrying someone else.

  Every once in a while you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.

  There are always some people who will surprise your time and soften your years.

  Birds of a feather flock together. Only people with the same frequency will get together, and people with different magnetic fields will talk over mountains and mountains.

  Chen Guo, a professor at Fudan University, said: Only people with the same energy can recognize each other, only people with the same energy can appreciate each other, and only people with the same energy can become bosom friends.

  People who understand you will understand without explanation. People who don't understand you, it's no use explaining.

  Only people with the same frequency can see the unknown tenderness in your heart, understand your choice and understand your mountains and rivers and Wan Li.

  Only when the souls are similar can we know each other, so that the hearts of both sides can be filled and not exhausted and exhausted.

  Only in this way can we have the energy to appreciate the beauty of life in a chicken feather life.

  People with different views can't agree in their thoughts and pace, which will only make each other more and more tired, drift away and finally disappear into the sea of people. From then on, the two sides are different, each is happy, and the years are quiet.

  Only people with soul can walk hand in hand and walk across mountains and rivers.

  Birds and sunken fish never intersect, and it is inevitable that mountains and rivers will not meet.

  A truly long-lasting relationship must be a spiritual common growth.

  People with the same frequency can read the deep meaning in each other's eyes, understand your words and meanings, and a smile and a look are better than a thousand words and warm each other.

  Although caring for each other is silent, it will also have a heart, giving birth to all kinds of silence and joy.

  In this world, the only person who can fully accept you is the soul friend.

  Two people with similar souls, once the fate begins, it is a lifetime.

  It takes half a lifetime to understand that the most important thing in life is not how many people you meet, but how many people you leave behind.

  Meeting is fate, but the person who finally decides to stay is time. The fate between people, seemingly accidental, is actually inevitable.

  After the changes of time, the person who is still with you at last must be someone who is similar to your soul.

  If the heart knows each other, it is silent and tacit; If you care about each other as soon as possible, you will feel pity without saying anything. If you get a confidant in life, it is enough to comfort the wind and dust.

  People with the same frequency can walk all the way, walk through mountains and rivers and see the beautiful scenery in the world. The world of mortals is rolling for the rest of my life, and only when I meet a bosom friend will I bear this life.

  As long as you love life and treat the world well. Then, in this remote and vast world, someone will come over the mountains to surprise you and accompany you. Until then, let's have a drink with you and talk about this quiet and beautiful world in detail.

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