Time pays off-forget to eat and sleep.

  It is easy to forget yourself, as long as you have something you like, something you are obsessed with, or someone in your hand or brain.

  Forgetting to eat and sleep is one of the manifestations of forgetting me.

  Since I was a student, strictly speaking, since I can remember very young, I am an obsessive person, and I will spare no effort to pay for what I like. Of course, it is only limited to those who have the ability to pay, such as time and energy. Compress the time occupied by other things to spend as much as possible on what you are obsessed with.

  Therefore, forgetting to eat and sleep has become one of the most normal things for a long time. After all, things that are too easy to have preferences are too easy to fall into infatuation, one after another.

  Paying the deposit at the opening means handing over this life, at least at that time. After signing the formal contract a few days later, I was already in a state-as if the most important stage of my life had started. On the one hand, I have to start tracking the construction progress and try to supervise whether the project is constructed according to the drawings determined by us and the developer. In addition, there is a more important job, that is, to study how to decorate, especially in several key positions including the audio-visual room.

  With this state, there is no accident, and I have entered the realm of selflessness again.

  In fact, at that time, another state of selflessness was going on-the preparations for GMP transformation in our enterprise have been going on for some days, and most people in the company have entered a state of "selflessness", and I am no exception.

  This is tantamount to adding a new thing that must not be taken lightly, and we must do our best in both things.

  The difference is that one is my major, but also familiar with many years of professional experience, and the other is a blank field that I am very unfamiliar with and need to learn from scratch. In my character, I must do it myself, and I must control everything and all the details myself. Therefore, we should put a lot of energy into learning from scratch and try to master it.

  I can do it with all my heart, nothing more than getting less sleep. Besides, it seems that the renovation is not so imminent, and there is plenty of time to study in depth.

  Our building was finally built in the community, and the developer changed the construction party, and the progress was not as fast as they said. In the meantime, I went to the construction site many times to find out about my house. The potholes on the road are very difficult to walk, and the site is also very chaotic. Unfortunately, I only know that the progress is very slow, and I have not found any construction problems that later made me miserable.

  My father also went to the scene himself, but he didn't go upstairs under construction, so he didn't see the obvious flaws in the construction.

  What I didn't expect was that another thing that made me forget myself was quietly approaching ...

  Good morning, Bayi.