Imagine you are the sky, you are the sky!

  Imagine that you are the sky. All emotions are like changeable weather, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes raining cats and dogs, sometimes lightning and thunder, sometimes clouds are light and the wind is light. You are the sky, you know everything is temporary, and you are with everything.

  Imagine that you are the sun. You want to shine, not because you want to shine on anyone, but because you need to shine. Therefore, for those people who say that you are basking in the winter in summer and why you are not at work, you don't need to explain anything to them. You just shine at your rhythm, whether it shines on someone who is warm or sunburned. You are the sun, you are yourself.

  Imagine that you are a river. You have been flowing, not because you want to flow, but because of gravity. You must flow downwards. You flow day and night, and sometimes you can't move when you are blocked. You also know how to take things as they are, quietly accumulating strength, and then you continue to flow downwards when the strength is almost accumulated. You don't walk in a straight line, because there is no straight line to walk. When you meet a huge rock, you have to bypass it. No, you just keep flowing until you run to the sea.

  Imagine that you are the sky and you are the sky; Imagine that you are the sun and you are the sun; Imagine that you are a river and you are a river. The question is, do you want to be the sky? Or do you accept yourself as a river?

  As a person with growing wisdom, I feel that I can accompany, encourage and support more people to go through the trough of life, and of course I will witness more joy of life growth.

  My current clients, from children born after 10 to adults born after 60, from local to overseas, nourish and illuminate each other during the short and long journey of life through one-on-one in-depth life dialogue and other forms of community activities.